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There are a few national happenings, both good and bad, that allow us to clearly put things into perspective for our children. The devastation in Haiti provided parents with the opportunity to teach their children about vulnerability, empathy and the importance of giving back. The 2010 Winter Olympics prompted us to encourage our kids to follow their dreams and that the notion of hard work and dedication is in fact tangible. Last night we were able to seize the moment for another life lesson- the lesson of humility. As Sandra Bullock accepted her Oscar at the 82nd Academy Awards for best performance by an actress in a leading role, we too were humbled. Sandra gave a nod to all the "moms who take care of their babies and children no matter where they come from." In the often "thankless" role as mother, we thoroughly appreciated the acknowledgment. Bullock went on to thank her own parents who helped to instill a sense of dedication to her studies when she was young. The Blind Side was one of our favorite movies this year and as I wiped a tear from my six-year old's eye, I know she would agree. Both parents and their children were moved by this story; the story of Leigh Ann Tuohy and her unconditional love. Sandra did her proud!

Another huge win went to Kathy Bigelow last night for Best Director of Best Picture, The Hurt Locker. And, while we did not see this film in theaters it has been most definitely added to our "to do" list. What upsets us so is that reporters and journalists took the opportunity, not to congratulate Kathy Bigelow per se, but to ask her about her personal relationship with ex husband and director ofAvatar, James Cameron. To take such a momentous occasion with attempts to turn it into tomorrow's tabloid is grossly inappropriate. Kathy rose to the occasion nonetheless and shared her words of advice for student filmmakers, "never give up on your dream... be tenacious... no obstacle is too great." When Terry learned that Bigelow was the first ever female director to win, she tweeted on Twitter "What century are we in?!" This commanded a lot of discussion with the @butterflymoms followers.

If the daughter of a German couple from Alabama can win an Oscar than it is up to us to teach our children that so too can they. What was missing from the Academy Awards last night amongst all of these life lessons? A much deserving award for The Hangover! Without comedy, without comic relief, things become way too "heavy." So, celebrate Sandra and Kathy and go rent The Hangover if you really want, and need, to LOL!

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