It is late Saturday morning and I am still in my jammies.  So is my son.  This is how we do it on Saturdays.  This is how we roll.  He is busy playing a video game and I am doing the chores around the house ... dishes, laundry, garbage, etc.

Now, when I take out the garbage, the can is right beside the back deck.  The can being right beside the deck makes it easy, especially in the bad weather.  The thing is though, you have to shut the back door completely.   You cannot just partially close it.  We have an Akita  and when he gets out, the hunt is on.  So you have to be careful, even with a short trip to the garbage.   Our back door has one of those locks that will snap back to the lock position.  This can be very frustrating.

See the full story at the following link......    have a fabulous day!

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