OMG, I think blogging changed my life for the better! My best Valentine's Day!

Oh my gosh! So this Valentine's Day was the sweetest, yet simplest for me. I think my husband secretly reads my blogs, because it's been a long time since he's actually took the time to plan something...he must've read my rant, right?

Anyhoo, Valentine's Day morning as I was getting the boys ready for school, he gave me my usually kiss and whispered that he had a spa day planned for me. For a normal girl, she would've probably jumped for joy. But me being an abnormal girl just smiled and said "thank you", in a sweet way. I guess he knew me well, because when he arrived at work, he called me to say he reached safely, then asked me if I didn't like the spa idea.

I definitely didn't want to hurt his feelings, so I said yes. But he knew otherwise. I heard the disappointment in his voice, so I decided to just tell the truth and explain why I wasn't really looking forward to it.

Reason # 1: You know how most women schedule appointments every few weeks to have a mani-pedi? Not me! I'm ticklish! I know it sounds bad...but seriously! My sister forced me to have my feet done once and that was a bad experience for me and the guy taking care of me. I couldn't control myself from laughing and pulling my foot away every time he tried to get a good grip, because it freaking tickled. I splashed the poor guy so many times at the salon that he tried to do the work using one hand without gripping and that was a total waste of time. While I was there I had people laughing at the scene, so I know I was the talk of the salon when I left!

Reason # 2: I'm self conscience. I DO NOT want to have to take off my clothes to have someone rubbing on me. I haven't been nude in front of anyone other than my hubby in more than a decade, and I'm not as slim as I used to be. I don't want anyone else seeing my tiger stripes stretch marks and back fat, lol. Plus, I'm ticklish. I won't be able to lay still!

Reason # 3: I don't know about you, but for me a massage is a turn on. If he knew what I was thinking when he massages me, he wouldn't want someone else doing it! He knows where to touch, to keep me still. I will just annoy the professionals!

After I explained my self conscienceness to him, he understood. So I got what I really wanted...a card that he took the time to write a long love note inside like he did in the beginning of our relationship, the fattest, most beautiful flowers I ever received and my Express bill paid (yes!!!). I cooked him a lovely dinner and dessert and he, myself and our kids enjoyed it! I realize in the past I complained about him giving me basically the same thing I got this year, but it's different when someone takes the time to plan something special for you, even if you have to cancel it. It's heartwarming when a card given to you is not on the words or the card maker, but has your hubby's own beautiful thoughts written inside. Usually he tells me to pick something and he'll just pay, but having him do the planning and wooing is all I really wanted! Plus, look at those flowers...aren't they juicy and beautiful?

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