One Big Turkey, Eight Guests and a Busy Mom Equals.....

MrTurkey-iconIt is nice when the seasons change and your mind begins to be focused on things other than back to school or Halloween costumes. I enjoy when the calendar flips and the days countdown to Thanksgiving Day. For me, I have mixed feelings about Thanksgiving, I have spent many holidays in bare, cold hotel rooms alone and missing my family. That part really stunk, but that was the breaks with a job that didn’t care that holidays are meant to be spent at home with family; they still needed people to pour cokes for those last minute travelers!

I do enjoy focusing less on the particular “day” but rather on the things in my life that I am grateful, thankful and appreciative for. Isn’t that truly what this time of year is about, and it kicks off a glorious holiday season in which we all can direct our focus a little different and treasure what we do have, even if it is not what we envisioned for ourselves.

One of the areas for busy mom’s that kind of gets in the way for enjoying the holiday is the preparation for the BIG meal – that huge turkey meal with all the trimmings, the grocery shopping, the planning, the finding recipes…..ARG! Maybe it is just me? Don’t get me wrong I love the meal, I love the tradition of it and I certainly enjoy the food, but I can honestly say that I enjoy it more when someone else is doing all the cooking. (Okay, the secret is out!)

So when I saw that E-Mealz has a holiday dinner menu - a complete traditional menu plan for 8 to 12 people with the shopping list included, in their normal E-Mealz way I was excited to pass this information on to you! They have created a complete menu for you and your family to eat and enjoy! The turkey, all the sides, trimmings and desserts come to you organized in a two page concise menu with a separate one-page print and go grocery list. Ladies, it doesn’t get easier than this! Wouldn’t you rather be spending the time with you family instead of planning menus and listing grocery items? Count me in! I would love to be spending time WITH my family and spending time with who I am so thankful for – my family.

To help spread that holiday giving spirit, the gals at E-Mealz have offered to give away TWO holiday menu plans. What better way to help busy mom’s take one more thing off that “to-do” list and be better prepared for the holiday? So to enter to win:

1. Post a comment on what you are thankful for and why this is a must win for you below. (required entry)

For extra entries:

2. Tweet about this contest by posting this: @E-Mealz does it again with holiday dinner menu, enter to win #contest @confidentmom:

3. Become a FAN on Facebook of The Confident Mom

Hurry, this contest ends Friday, November 13, 2009 at midnight, pst.

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