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My pre-children memories with my husband of 12 years are chock-full of petty quarrels, walk-outs (even sleep-outs), cold shoulders or in short drama-rama scenarios. However,  the dynamics of marriage drastically changed for us when we started having kids, a stage I call our “post-kids phase” (or in an effort at brevity, PKP).

Although our pre-children phase (or PCP), was dotted with minor altercations, we also had many priceless moments, both of the epic and mundane proportions. All these transpired in our moss green carpeted 2 bedroom third floor  walk-up apartment.
It was in our apartment in Brooklyn where my husband (then boyfriend), presented me with my engagement ring which he had attached to our Boston terrier’s dog collar.  It was also in our Brooklyn apartment where I spent the first 7 months of my pregnancy. Also in the same Brooklyn apartment, that moment I received the call that I was hired for that dream job that was to be my career for the next 9 years. Those were the epic ones.
But we also had those simple yet priceless memories…of post-Broadway show or concert euphoria, then going home stumbling into bed totally buzzed. Of getting bagels from the corner deli the day after, scarfing down a cream cheese smothered poppy-seed bagel to counter the hangover. Bagel and black NY coffee, best remedy for a major hangover by the way! But I digress. On topic once more, the lazy quiet Sundays, walking to the second-hand CD shop (those were the days before Napster and iTunes) to score that Toad the Wet Sprocket or Red Hot Chili Peppers CD. And heading over to the neighborhood Italian bakery for some tricolor/rainbow cookies, or cream puff or cannolis for our sugar rush. Because before we had kids, these were the extraordinary moments masked as ordinary memories that was our life’s routine.
And now that our oldest child is turning 8 in a couple of weeks it was with cheerful hearts and a lot of shared memories that we drove down memory lane together in our old neighborhood in Bayridge, Brooklyn.
Never mind that what brought us back to the old hood was our dental appointment (we never switched dentists even after moving to the suburbs), but driving around brought us back to the years we spent together in Brooklyn as a married couple PCP..
For our appointment, we left our suburban home with 2 hours to spare, not because that’s how long it normally takes to drive to Brooklyn from our home, but we really wanted to have some down time to cruise around the old neighborhood to check out our old haunts and re-live our PCP , if only for a brief moment.
So here I share with you in a series of snapshots, our drive down memory lane one gray day in Brooklyn.
mail-3Verrazano Bridge as seen from Shore Road

Peekaboo view of the bridge from 3rd Avenue



An Italian bakery and restaurant. Yummy paninis and tricolor/rainbow cookies





The sugar rush staples. Butter cookies, rainbow cookies and other sugar coma inducing goodies










Vesuvios. Great Sicilian pizza.








Corner cupcake shop that had really good red velvet cupcakes way before they became part of every foodie’s vernacular

Areo, Italian restaurant. Good eats.mail-10




The ubiquitous bagel store/deli. In Brooklyn there’s at least two on each block.mail-12



Hopefully on my next trip to this neck of the woods, it’ll be a much sunnier day than this nippy, gray January day down memory lane.


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