Seven years ago someone mentioned 'weblogs' and I winced. Why would someone want to go and put their journaling thoughts online for all to see? Good god, what madness is taking over society? We left for Peace Corps in 2000 and returned to the rubbed-and-well-worn jeans look. Cell phones for everyone...and everywhere. And now, diluting of the web with weblogs?!

And then just five years later we welcomed our first child. We were living in the Bay Area and our family lived just far away as to only allow trips once or twice a year. So inspired by a friend-from-work's blog, where she shared delightful updates on her new little babe, I thought, "Cool, I can do that." And so the blogging began. A simple, private place to invite friends and family who wanted to peek in on what was going on in our lives at the moment.

Fast-forward to two years ago. I was talking to a friend, both of us ladies pregnant with numero 3, and we stumbled onto blog reading. We were sharing some of our favorites and talking about what hooks us. And in a moment I knew my answer. I like clean, calm, orderly, white space. And most importantly, what keeps me coming back for more is Inspiration. Inspirational photography. Ideas. Family. Projects. Planning. Management. You name it, and if it inspires my soul to make our lives better, I'm generally interested and/or hooked. At this point in time, I consider blogs to be part of my career development plan.

I mean seriously, I'll open SouleMama's post one cold blustery morning a week before we're to pick up our chicks and I see this (it's the final photo of the post) and think, "Ta-dah. That's what we could use to keep the chicks in." Or more often I'm salivating over some delicious or gorgeous food or recipe.

So, truth be told, I'm not really into the hilarious blogs. And there are some seriously hilarious blogs out there. Although every once in a while I stop by for a laugh.

I'm not into the racey ones. Racey blogs? Usually a bit TMI for myself.

I'm not into the sarcastic my-kids-drive-me-to-drink-hardy-har-this-is-real-life blogs. Though I've visited before and enjoyed them a bit on odd days.

No. The blogs my reader is filled with are full of ideas, inspiration, busy-ness, creativity, life and love. And honestly, that's what I attempt to do here. Remind myself why I'm happy with life. Because lord knows I complain for enough moments in the day in my own mind. And yes, having children guarantees you sleep deprivation at times. Headaches. Insanity. Impatience. Bad days. But hey, having no children guarantees you the same mix.

But one thing I notice on occasion is blog envy. In myself. Sometimes all the ideas I'm bumping into leave me feeling empty instead of filled. Wanting when I have no needs. Scattered with no focus.

And I wonder sometimes if our brains are meant to bump into so many thoughts and ideas so quickly. And yet my blog reader is full and every few seconds a new post illuminates the screen and I'm playing catch up again. To read good stuff. To learn.

So, question for you, do you ever read blogs and feel envious? Do you ever buy stuff or dream of buying stuff you notice on blogs? And, do you ever push "read all" to simply clear it all out and start anew?


Join me at RosieDreams, where I share my approach to frugal, simple and green family living.

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