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Hoarding: When Too Much is Truly Too Much

We’re all quite aware of what clutter is and how it can not only adversely affect how our household functions, but also how it can also have a negative impact on our health. But this isn’t the full extent of how bad things can actually get.…

How to Support Children after a Diabetes Diagnosis

Throughout the world, several hundred thousand children and teens are diagnosed with either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It is a prevalent disease, impacting an estimated 200,000…

Diagnosing Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy in Children

Creating an environment where children remain healthy and happy is not always within a parent’s control, particularly during their early years. Medical issues may cause a variety of concerns for parents and their children that are both difficult to diagnose and a challenge to treat with…

One of the best parts of my work is that I talk to people in every stage of life. I work with people who are just out of college who want to prove themselves or find their inspiration; people who are starting families and need to shift the amount of time they work; empty nesters who have different career goals for the first time in years; and folks who are about to retire to pursue other passions in their lives.

It reminds me that all of us have different focuses throughout our life, and the more attention we pay to the times our focuses shift, the happier we will be.

I spend a lot of time talking with my coworkers around this topic - reminding them that it is OK to tip the never-quite-balanced scales between work and home in one direction or another depending on what you are currently going through.

What I was surprised to learn about was the growing need for social connections the older we get. Since socializing seemed like a young person's focus to me for so long, I didn't realize how important it becomes as we grow older. But the more I thought about it, the more it made sense: Consider those grandparents who are still working and can't wait to spend time with their families and friends on the weekends.

What is your current focus in life? Share with me in the comments.

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