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Welcome to our home at Christmas-time!  I love this time of year and try to put a touch of Christmas throughout our home!  You’ll probably find that I have a running theme of Christmas cherries, pine-cones and snowflakes.  I have a mini obsession with each ; )

I wish I could invite you all over for coffee & cookies but the next best thing is a virtual tour so, come in!


As you walk in our front door, you’ll see 2 pieces of furniture in our entry way; a table and an antique bench/coat-rack.  I added red candles to the mirror and ‘snowy’ sticks and cherries to the vase.  Next to the boys’ Christmas photos, I placed a few pine-cones for a special touch and added Christmas vase fillers to the holder that hangs over the bench mirror.

 In our entry way are stairs to the 2nd floor.  I wrapped each railing in garland and (more) cherries and to the left of the stairs is our Dining Room.

This year, the color theme is Ivory, Red, Silver & Gold…

Off of our Dining Room is the Kitchen; the room you’re most likely to find me in!

I have a few Christmas runners for the island but purchased a new one this year from Willow House.  I love the green pom poms and white embroidery on the ends!  Above our kitchen sink is a vase filled with Christmas scented potpourri and a Christmas arrangement that I put together… simple and fun!

The Kitchen opens up into our Family Room and the mantel is definitely the focal point of the room.

  By adding things like jingle bells and ribbon to candles, cherries and pine-cones to vases and word ornaments to stockings; its the little details I like most about this room.

I hung our traditional stockings we’ve used every year… can’t believe next Christmas we’ll have 5 stockings hanging there!

Powder Room

I found Leopard Christmas Tree hand towels at TJMaxx and hung them over our everyday towels.  On the candle sconces, I tied silver snowflake ornaments around the bottom and next to the mirror, added Christmas vase fillers to the arrangement.  They were all simple and easy touches that went a long way!

Home Office

The boys have a little window desk in our office and I added garland along the back of it so that their work-space had a touch of Christmas too!  I’m sure sometime during this next month, we’ll ‘make’ ornaments and hang paper snowflakes in this window; I’m excited for the little Christmas craft projects we do during December!

And you’re probably wondering …

Where’s our Christmas Tree?

Well, we had big plans to cut down our own Christmas Tree this past weekend but we never made it to the tree farm.  This was our tree last year…

And this coming weekend, we have all intentions to go to the tree farm, pick out, cut down and bring home our Christmas Tree!  I’ll be sure to update this post after we decorate ; )   The boys have mini trees in their bedrooms and I’ll be sure to add photos of those too!

Thanks for ‘coming’ to our home to see some of our Christmas Decor!

If you care to share a piece of your Christmas Home with us OR if you have a Christmas Decor blog post, photos of your mantel, table-scape, Christmas tree, anything related… post the link, comment or photo below in our comment section!



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