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There has never been a dull moment in raising our 2 boys.  Never.  Each day, each week, each month, each year has been such an awesome adventure and has opened my eyes to a whole new world.  My way of thinking  has changed, the way I view the world around me is different, our way of playing, how we talk… It’s always been exciting and interesting.  Every day is like entering into unknown territory with these 2.  I think about that often when I think about having boys.  Its easy when I talk to a little girl about certain topics, subjects, things, etc… I can hear their answer before they say it and I feel like I know what they are thinking before they tell me.  Why?  Because I am a girl, I did think like that when I was little.  But having boys is soooooo different that I just never know what to expect.  Never know how they will *probably think.  Never know how they *might react.  Life is really cool and fun and interesting right now.

Here’s an update… with a peek through my iPhone

This past week, we experienced a ’1st time’ moment.  The 1st time that one of our children stuck something up their nose.  And no, not the just turned 3 year old, but our Rocco, who will be 5 in March.  I never knew kids this age did this.  All I’ve ever heard was kids doing this at 1… 2… 3… Not soon to be 5!?!  Tell me I’m not alone.  It was late at night when it happened.  Brian and I put the boys to bed and were laying on the couch when we heard Rocco start freaking out.  I mean, completely. freaking. out.  Brian ran to his room (because I’m slow these days) and when I eventually waddled my way upstairs, I heard Rocco crying, “It’s in my nose!  It went up my nose!  Not my nose! It’s in my head!”  I thought a bug flew up his nose.  Really.  It was my first thought.  We looked, he freaked.  We shined a flashlight up, he freaked.  We made him blow his nose; nothing came out.  He blew and blew… nothing.  I didn’t know what to say or do until what felt like 15 minutes later, he stuck his finger up there and said, “OUCH! I GOT IT!!!” and out fell…

Yes, one of those plastic tag thingys.  And big too!  Then there’s me.  Instead of cuddling, hugging, holding… I plopped my butt on his bedroom floor and laughed.  I just laughed.  Brian walked out.  I mean, after a 13 hour day with these 2 little guys, it’s all I could do.  Like,

“Really Rocco?”…”You really shoved this up your nose at bedtime?”

Needless to say, after all the commotion that night, they were tired the next day.  Roman wouldn’t even put clothes on and I fully admit to letting them watch Curious George twice over so I could shower in peace.

While those are just a few things going on behind closed doors, on the outside, we now have an ice-rink in our backyard.  Yes that’s right.  My ‘gotta-have-a-project’ hubby thought it would be fun to build an ice-rink in our backyard!  The boys are just so excited… they must think he’s the coolest dad ever and if they don’t, I’m sure they’ll fess up at some point through the years.  I mean, where he gets these ideas and actually follows through with them is beyond me.  You see, some men out there like to say things like, “Wouldn’t it be cool to have an ice-rink in our backyard?” And then there’s my husband… If I hear something like that, I know it will happen.  Any time he says something that may seem off the wall to some, I know his thoughts are brewing and I need to either nix them immediately or just let him keep talking until it happens.  Well, yeah, this actually happened.  Remember, this is life through my iPhone… The pic is obviously taken behind a screen.

So while the boys were sled-riding and working on the ice-rink and trying it out, I stayed cozy inside and cooked one of our all time FAV meals; Mexican Lasagna.  Yes, it’s fattening.  Here’s the recipe.  But if you’re on that ‘New Years Diet’ kick, there are plenty of ways to make it ‘light’… Lean Ground Turkey, little to no cheese, omit sour cream, blah blah blah… I’ve already tipped the scale.  This dish is YUM!

And speaking of ‘tipping the scale’, while I was cooking, I noticed that I’ve lost sight of my PiggyToes.  It’s true. Well, no… I’ve lost sight of my ankles.  *Warning*  I’m not ‘dressed’… Hence why I I don’t like pop-ins (because I would more than likely be found like this).  It was a cold day (but I’m hot).  I’m barefoot & pregnant & cooking.  And I officially can’t see my ankles.

Dare I get into the bedroom situation right now.  5 pillows, 3 blankets, 1 comforter, Beau, Brian, me… it’s a hot mess.  And only gonna get worse.  I promise.  Did you need to tuck a pillow all around you during your last trimester of pregnancy?  Poor Brian.  Heck, poor me!  Not only do I have to live it 24/7 but I have to teach my kids about it all too (as best as I can).  Rocco has been full of pregnancy questions (and comments).  He wants to talk all about “boobs” and “milk” and “bellies” and and and!  Roman even told a man that we were going to the Dr.’s to see if the baby pooped in me… SO NOT TRUE!  I think that was last week.

And just as I told hubby that I can’t imagine being bigger and gaining more weight, he baked us a batch of cookies.  Just what I needed.  Rocco managed to get some on his eye-lid. Roman had a 3rd lip.  A chocolate lip.

And that, my friends, is life from my iPhone.  It’s glorious and wonderful and stressful and fabulous and around here, there is never a dull moment.


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