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2 Sleeps Peeps; that’s all.

I’ve lifted up my shirt maybe 5,793,421 times because every twist, lift and crunch feels like I released 497 stretch marks.  And then, No.  Not so… Not one… YET.  They’re there though; I feel them under my skin.  Wanting to appear at any given moment.  This morning I fixed egg sandwiches for breakfast.  With blueberries.  So the kids will grow properly (at least that’s what I tell them).  Roman has been in a ‘daddy mood’ today too.  It’s like he knows I’m leaving and is trying to toughen up and show me that he’s fine without me.  I even asked him for a kiss and he plowed himself on top of Brian, head in his shoulder and within 3 seconds, came up to see if I was watching.  I gave him one of those looks that said,

Really dude?  Trying to make me jealous?

I took a nice long, hot shower in peace and quiet and closed my eyes for a moment too.  I know that long, hot showers will be few and far between come Monday so it felt good.  I went to the grocery store for some last minute nonsense… Vanilla Almond Milk (because it goes perfectly with Lucky Charms), more Toasty PB Crackers (because I only have 3 boxes at home), Flour (because I actually think I might bake when I get home from the hospital), Hot Dogs (I have no clue why I bought hot dogs),  Purell (because I want it sitting by our front door when people come to visit), and Pancake Mix (we were running out).  I told you it was nonsense.  I do feel better now that I have those things in the house though!

I came home and cleaned all of my make-up brushes (when’s the last time you’ve done that?) and then stripped the beds so that we’d all have clean sheets.  Before I knew it, it was time to get Rocco ready for his first day of ‘Little Penguins’; an awesome program put together by Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I am so happy that I was able to be there for his first session! What a memory.

I must admit though, I was a little nervous!  There looked to be at least 100 kids of all shapes and sizes and ages and come 1:25pm, they just lined them up and shuffled them out on the ice all at once.  I could tell my Rocco was scared!  “You can do it!  Let’s Go!” I said and gave him a little under arm lift up and out, onto the ice.  The big boys were scurrying all around him and I took one look down at Roman then back up to the rink and lost track of where he was.  Everyone had the same jersey’s and equipment on.  Hubby was already ‘that dad‘ shouting, “Remember, March!  Don’t glide!” — Honestly, he said more but I didn’t listen.  I turned to him and whispered sternly to NOT to be one of those dads.

Bri was proud too; I know it.  Taking pictures and smiling… I can imagine it brings him back and he loves it!

This is a new territory for us both but I want to tell you the role I’m taking with sports.  I will cheer my sons on no. matter. what.  Thumbs up!  You can do it!  I’m proud of you!  Way to go!  Keep going!  Try again!  And I will leave all the directions and commenting and teaching and correcting to the coaches.  I could tell Brian was fidgety.  Nervous.  Antsy.  At times, maybe frustrated.  We are so different.  Definitely a good thing though.  Before I knew it, it was time for me to leave.  The program falls right at nap time, so I left to take Roman home for some ZZZZzzzz’s while Brian wrapped up at the rink.  I got Roman to bed and hit the couch myself when the garage door opened and Rocco’s little PiggyToes came running up the stairs.

Then, melt my heart and make me cry.  You won’t believe what my little guy said to me when he got home?

We said hi and chatted about how much fun he had and then I told him how proud I was that when he would fall, he kept trying and didn’t give up or complain or cry and how I knew the whole time that he could do it.  I told him how well he did with the big boys out there with him and how he held his own on the ice and then he said… (Get out your Kleenex.)

“Mommy, you know what?  When I would fall… *swallow/pause* I just would look up at you in the stands… * and then you gave me a thumbs up… *swallow/pause* and then I knew I could get up… *swallow/pause* and then I DID!”


Let’s learn something.

You see?  OUR ROLE in this whole ‘sports’ world is to encourage, cheer, uplift and be PROUD of our kids no matter how stupid they look, what mistakes they make, how many times they fall, whether they can keep up with the kids around them, etc. etc.  They have coaches.  Coaches who train them.  Who teach them.  Who explain everything to them.  Who tell them what to do and how to do it.  And even how to do it better next time.  OUR ROLE is to calm their fears when they look up to us in the stands.  If our kids look at us and we act just like another coach; shouting, training, raising arms, squinting eyes and making faces… Eventually, they’ll stop looking.  And while this is only just the beginning of sports for our 1st little guy, I already know my role because I always want my boys to look over at me and know they’ll get encouragement, a thumbs up, a big smile, a wave…  Even when they fall.  Its just a game.

That’s all for today ; )  Phew; what an experience!


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