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Valentine’s Day is by far one of my favorite ‘holidays’ but I’m honestly not sure why.  It could be because of all the $1 crap I get our 2 little boys that excites them beyond words.  Or maybe it’s the excessive eating of chocolate all day that makes my tummy happy.  Or maybe it’s that I get to turn everything into a heart… which is beyond fun… Or it could be the love letters and little ‘extras’ that I love the most too.  Whatever it is, I love it…  All of it!  And this year, at 38+ weeks pregnant, I was especially thankful that I didn’t overdo myself with food, sweets, treats, gifts, etc. years prior because the expectations weren’t there for me to do more, bake a better dessert, cook more elaborate meals, etc. etc. My $1.00 heart shaped cookie cutter was over-worked and washed over and over again and is peacefully asleep in our kitchen island drawer today.

So, this was our day… From my iPhone.

The boys and I woke around 7am when I realized that I forgot to gift them their Valentine’s Day pj’s the night before.  Daddy was off at work and I already felt like a Valentine’s Day slacker for forgetting their special pj’s.  Not to mention (as a side note) that just 4 hours earlier, I thought we were going to have a Valentine’s Day baby!  That’s right, I was up from 3-5:30am with back labor, stomach pains and cramping.  Then it all went away and I was able to fall asleep from 5:30-7am.

I told the boys to stay upstairs while I got ready for something special but that lasted all but 5 minutes.  Rocco knew it was Valentine’s Day and came downstairs to remind me of the heart shaped pancakes with “special white powder” we had the year before.  Now do you see why I’m glad I didn’t overdo myself the year before with some huge, home cooked, homemade fancy schmancy breakfast?  Heart Shaped Pancakes and Powdered Sugar…

Coming Right Up, my love!

I set the table (Thank You, Target), cut heart-shaped bananas, cooked pancakes and breakfast was served!  The “white powder stuff” tickled their hearts beyond words!


Unfortunately, yesterday was a pre-school morning so we couldn’t just lounge around in our pj’s licking syrup off of plates, eating chocolates and writing sweet words on paper to each other all day.  The morning rush began and we all got ready for the day!  Of course, they had to wear something special too (sorry, ‘cool’).  (Thank You, Gap)

I took my V-Day attire to my PiggyToes… this was as good as it was gonna get for me.

During pre-school, I rushed home to prepare for the rest of the day… Oh the things we do to create special memories for our wee little ones!  I do feel blessed to be able to do these things for them!  While it doesn’t take much, it does take energy and by noon I was already tired!  When they returned home, each of their Love Bugs arrived and the boys were beyond excited!  Rocco was jumping and bouncing and giggling… I couldn’t even get a clear picture of him!

Roman was a little more cautious when he approached his Love Bug.  He looked at it, took his time opening it, looked over to Rocco who was getting crazy excited over a stuffed bug.  I don’t think he realized why his brother was so happy…

Until he too, found out that chocolate was inside and then they were both bouncing (literally)!  Chocolate to them is like Grocery Shopping alone to me.  Exciting stuff.

The rest of the day was filled with activities, crafts, a baking party, more love notes and flying love bugs.  My sweet boys must have told me 3,745,928 times that they Loved Me and Happy Valentine’s Day and “You’re so Pretty”… I take full advantage of these days because I realize before I know it, it will all be lame!

That evening, I cooked a nice dinner for everyone and daddy came home with lots of goodies!  I’m blessed; that’s for sure!  The boys spent time building paper airplanes after dinner while I crashed on the couch.

We gave them their Gorilla Love PJ’s and took early baths so we could watch a movie together… I’m not sure what it is about our two and new pj’s, but every time they get them, they say,

“This is JUST what I wanted!”

Oh, really?  OK.

Like I said, it doesn’t take much.  What we do as mamas (or what I do) may not be ‘pin-worthy’ or make the front page of a magazine but it’s Rocco & Roman approved and they pin it all in their heads and hearts and that’s all that matters to me!  I’m all about a day set apart to show a little extra love, make a million heart shaped foods, eat extra sweet treats, write love notes and hide them throughout the house… it’s the best.  I’ll always remember our Valentine’s Days… I know it.


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