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Ahhh...Remember my post on banning kids from public places?  I kind of get it now.  I was face to face with the terrible twos in the middle of a very busy restaurant yesterday.

The day started out fairly well.  I fed my 6 month old, and when my older daughter awoke my husband brought her downstairs and fed her breakfast while I got the clothes ready for the day.  I took my shower and got my toddler dressed.  We were headed to her Little Gym class. 

I kind of had a feeling the day might not unfold as I was hoping it would when my daughter tried to bring every toy out the door with us.  She had a small temper tantrum when I had to take a few things out of her hands in order to somehow escort her out the door.

I got her in the car and she immediately was upset that the Barney video was not on right away (I have DVD players in my car).  It was hot out and I was sweating and I finally got the Barney video on. 

We got to Little Gym, and I had to pry the toys out of my daughter's hand while she screamed in protest.  Not a good beginning.

We got inside and she gladly ran around Little Gym for 45 minutes.  Then she ran out the door of the gym into the lobby without me...and I had to run after her.  Then she went into the party room and I couldn't get her out of there.   Finally, I got her shoes on.

Then a friend and I decided to bring our girls out to lunch.  I should have known this was not going to be a good idea.  Remember in that post about banning kids...that its important to read your kids before deciding to put them in a situation...yup I failed this day.

We went to a local deli bagel shop that has excellent salads and a good kids menu.  My daughter again protested about bringing her toys...I let her this time.  We got into the restaurant and we were put in the back in a booth.  Thank God we were some where out of the way. 

My friends daughter wanted to play with my daughter's toys and my daughter screamed.  Not good.  Then my daughter took possession of the crayon bucket.....Then more screaming...Then she didn't want her lunch but she wanted to eat my salad out of my salad bowl with her bare hands.  YUCK.  I tried giving her some salad on her plate...but she kept grabbing my bowl and getting salad all over. 

Then more screaming...Then the dirty looks from those around us..more screaming....

We finally paid and started leaving in which I said to my friend "I wouldn't be surprised if they started clapping when we left"

She laughed and we left.  We chalked it up to the terrible two's and took them to the yogurt shop next door.  My daughter started a temper tantrum right when we walked in...so I walked right back out and we went home.

I was exhausted, and I am still uncertain how I should have handled it.  I think I probably should not have even brought her out to lunch knowing how the day had begun, but should I stop doing things because my daughter is in the terrible two's?  I don't think its a good thing to become a recluse because of this phase of development, and shouldn't this be part of teaching them how to behave in public?

I went home exhausted and we all took a nice long nap! 
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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