Safety Tips to Prevent Your Dream Pool from Becoming a Nightmare

Whether it’s a cosy hot tub, a full-sized pool or something in between, having a private place to take a dip at home is one of life’s greatest luxuries. There is little that compares to shrugging off the day’s troubles with a few relaxing laps or a good book and the gentle massage of…

Why Every Family Needs Business-Level Internet Security

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Every day it becomes easier and easier to hack websites, blogs, home networks, and phones. Nothing seems to be immune from malicious digital attacks, but you can make it harder for them to get in. 

We've been testing the…



About My WAHM Space - My WAHM Space was started in October of 2007. We have over 600 members and can have unlimited visitors at any one time. Our traffic is quite large. It is my regret that I need to put My WAHM Space up for sale. This was one of the first sites to set up social networking directly for WAHM's and our domain is PREMIUM.

My goal would be to sell to someone in the WAHM community that will build it to the potential I saw when I bought it.

I purchased this site in May of 2009, with the intent to really make it great! But, time isn't on my side and this is now the last of the businesses I owned online I must sell. The site continues to grow even with me doing nothing to it.

I did purchase a new layout for the site right after I bought it.

I am asking way less than I paid for it because I want to see someone with knowledge, time and drive to take it far.

Current Hosting & Domains - The site is on it's own hosting account that is only $9.95 a month through my own hosting company. The domains I own are ~ , , and . The domain would be pushed to you and hosting will be good for 30 days from date of sale.

Graphics Included - Most advertising and member button graphics are currently hosted in our PhotoBucket account, and will remain there for 30 days following the sale of the site. We recommend using a photo hosting site such as PhotoBucket for it's reliability. you can view the member buttons on the Get Involved page (click in bottom navigation).

There is such a high value content on this site and I believe in it's potential. I have worked hard at keeping the spam down and out. I am looking for someone to take it over and take it to the next level. The possiblities with this site are endless. One can make money using google adsense, affiliate links, charging to ebooks, etc. If you already work from home, it is a great add on to your current business.

There is also an account thru Twitter for this site and I have over 1500 followers. I also have a myspace account, but haven't logged into it or done anything with it. And, I have a fan page on Facebook for it.
Revenue Details

When I bought the site it was making about 100.00 a month. Now, it makes maybe 20 with google ads. I haven't done anything to the site to make it grow as I haven't had time. The site has huge potential as the WAHM side of business is huge!!
Traffic Details

General Site Statistics - At this time our average unique visitors is around 1000 a month. We have over 600 members, which means you can email those subscribers at any time with your newsletter and info. My stats are thru my cpanel and I can give more detail to those truely interested.
Questions ~ Contact me at

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