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People Are Hurting and Struggling - Can You Please Take A Minute And Read So You Can Help Without Spending A Dime - Add Yours

There are so many Americans that are struggling just to find food yet alone providing Christmas for their families which can lead to depression or worse. I hear this on the news constantly and wondered what could I do. I don't have much money and what could I provide that would be of any help to anyone.
I came up with having a giveaway this weekend on my front porch giving away new clothing, shoes, household items and a few toys for anyone who needs it. I have an online store and decided to take about 300 items from my inventory and just help others in my own way. Can I afford it? Not really but I can't afford not to either.

Even if you don't have any extra money, here is a list of ideas that you can still do to help someone else.


There are many things you can do:

Give money to charity.
Hold a fundraiser for a charity.
Join a charity or a community group helping the poor.
Volunteer your time to help people.


Art Exhibition And Sale
Ask local artists or galleries to donate pictures (originals or numbered prints) or to donate a percentage of the proceeds of their own at their art sale.

Art or Photography Competition
Hold a competition and people pay to enter.

Bake Sale
Not just cakes and cookies - include low fat foods and healthy alternatives; guess the weight of the fruit bowl etc.

Beard Trim
If any of your friends/colleague has a beard or moustache, then sponsor them to shave it off.

Bike Ride
Work out a safe and scenic route and all participants gain sponsorship.

Blind Auction
Ask everyone to bring in an auction item. Bidders then write down their pledges, and the highest pledge wins. Should be held over a long period of time.

Book Fair
Collect unwanted books from friends/colleagues and hold a book sale at your club/school/work.

Car Washing
Designate a day, for a fee, when all colleagues/staff have the choice for their car to be washed. (Weather permitting)

Cheese & Wine Evening
If possible get local suppliers to provide some cheese and wine. Sell tickets in advance. Could combine with other events such as an award evening.

Chocoholic Challenge
Ask as many members as possible to give up chocolate for a set-period and ask friends and other members to sponsor them.

Organise a trip (with qualified supervision) to the hills or a tower and ask participators to get sponsors for each meter.

Ask local bands or orchestra's to play a concert and donate some or all of the ticket money.

Organise an all day event where people are sponsored for every hour of the day on the dance floor.

Karaoke Night
Sell tickets for an evening of awful singing at a pub/bar/club/school hall or private venue; you could get people to donate money to stop their friends from singing or invite companies/schools to send teams.

Time to see the staff, colleagues or friends in full array!

How many press-ups can you do in a set time? You could ask people to sponsor your improvement over a set number of months.

Quiz/ Trivia Evening
Charge an entry fee for individuals or teams to take part: questions could be on a set theme or general knowledge.

Gather suitable prizes (from local businesses' to donate) and sell tickets. Most gaming regulations state that tickets must be a fixed price, so you may need to sell 5 tickets for the price of 4 since it alters the odds.

Rounders Tournament
Challenge teams, clubs or groups to a series of rounders.

Sponsored Silence
Staff, colleague or friends could be sponsored to remain silent for a day.

People are sponsored to swim a set distance. The most able swimmers can set standards.

Themed Night
Everyone must dress up sporting a theme. This could be a toga, sporting heroes, star wars etc.

Treasure Hunt
Everyone is sponsored to find/solve clues and/or objects on a set route. Entry fee is charged for competing.

If You Have Any Additional Ideas, Please Post Them.


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