That's what I feel like doing as I think about how my day went.  It was never ending, or so it seemed. 

The littles were in full on crazy mode, Rian was not wanting to nap or be put down, and Levi was having a hard time with me paying so much attention to her.  I wasn't even able to follow through with my plan to hand make Justin's Valentine's Day card. 

I wanted so badly to go to the store and pick up something special for my man, but unfortunately only one car is working right now, and he had it 20 minutes away downtown at his work.  What's worse, inside the car was my wallet and our double stroller.  UGUGHGLGUGHSKLFDJ!! Yeah, those would be my mommy cuss words. 

I was determined to get out of the house so I loaded the littles in the wagon and started walking.  Unfortunately for me there is a small park near our house and once Levi saw it that's where he was determined to go. 

This park is not a nice park, it's kind of yucky and not exactly the cleanest place.  No we don't live in a bad neighborhood, but the park is on a main street so people are constantly passing through and littering. 

We walked over and there were only 2 little kids on the play equipment, their chaperone/mom was in her car.  Yeah, real nice, right?  I kept wondering how she could just sit in the car not even paying attention to the kids on the play ground.  But then she got out of her car, and all at once I wished she had stayed in.

Have you guys ever checked out the People of Walmart site?  No? Well, maybe if need a good laugh you should. is where I present People of Our Park.
Warning-this pic may be to much for your eyes.

Um, yeah.  I had to pretend to be taking a picture of Levi with my phone. 

We left soon after, and I vowed to not go back to the park for a long time.  At least not without my camera ;)

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