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I am not a young woman anymore but neither am I old yet. I have given life to two kids and now as they enter adulthood it’s time to start thinking again about myself. My needs, desires, and looks should please me. However, after having kids, gaining weight and not to mention all the stress that life brings, I have noticed some changes occur over the years.

So, I decided to get medical help. Firstly, I went to see my doctor and got onto a healthy lifestyle combined with exercises to get my body back in shape. Now after about a year, I am feeling better and surely looking better, thus, it’s time to look at other aspects.

You see, I have also been experiencing issues with painful intercourse, incontinence, and itchiness. My doctor suggested that I may require a perineoplasty surgery. Now, what is this, it’s the first time in my life I have ever heard this word and did not know what my doctor was talking about. The doctor explained that I would have to see a specialist and all my questions could be answered.

I made the appointment and if truth be told, I was a little nervous but in the end, there was no real reason for my fears. Upon arrival at the gynecologist’s office, I completed all the usual forms and waited to be seen. When it was my turn, I entered the office still wondering if I should turn and run but luckily did not.

The gynecologist was very friendly and explained to me that perineoplasty is a surgery that can restore the appearance of the vagina. Yet, this is not the only reason or benefit, this procedure assists in correcting genital warts, incontinence, vaginismus and a variety of other medical conditions. There are other procedures such as a vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, a femilift and others. But for resolving the issues I was experiencing a perineoplasty would be the best option.

Furthermore, the gynecologist explained to me that especially women who have difficult childbirths or ripped during childbirth can have other issues as they start to age. Being overweight may also cause damage and exercise stretching of the vulva, as well as the perineum which is the part of skin and muscle found between the vulva and anus. As a result of the perineum stretching or tearing one can experience a variety of other medical issues.

I was at this stage actually quite excited, I never thought there would be a method to bring back sexual pleasure as experienced prior to having children. However, there is and it can also assist in resolving other medical issues I was having. So, I made my appointment to have the operation.

However, the doctor only scheduled it for three months from the date of our appointment. This was due to the need for intra-vaginal estrogen that I had to receive 2 – 3 months prior to the surgery. It was necessary due to the fact that I had not yet gone through menopause. In addition, I would have to take some antibiotics for a few days leading up to the procedure.

Once the surgery is done I would also have a couple of instructions to follow. These include doing the exercises I will be given and I would only be able to return to my normal exercise routine after about a month. Additionally, I would need to adjust my diet and may have to take medication to prevent constipation.

The gynecologist also said that as with any operation there are some risks involved. Constipation was only one of the regular risks that have been noted with people, and even though I would be taking antibiotics, there was still a chance of getting an infection.

When compared to the benefits this procedure offered, I still felt it was worth it and I have never looked back since then. I would recommend this procedure to anyone going through similar health issues.

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