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So you're looking for some great bug info about pest control, and you live in Lancaster PA.  Who ya gonna turn to?  And you are not the "just settle for a quote" kind of girl--you want facts, with pictures...and on top of that: video.  Where in the world are you going to get that kind of pest control Lancaster PA info? Facebook, of course!

Facebook has allowed Dominion Pest Control to do great things with their Lancaster treatments, things like post video of the "Dominators" in action, or better yet, allow customer reviews that tell all.  Really, no other pest control company in the Lancaster area has the social media thing happening quite like Dominion does. 

Dominion got the idea for their Lancaster pest control services Facebook page from their reality show, 'Dominators', which debuted in 2009.  Lancaster Newspapers awarded the company with a two-page story entitled, Total Domination of Reality TV.  After observing the reaction from local residents, Dominion felt it would be nice if they put similar content onto a Facebook page where media could be added, and, where customers could comment or pose questions. 

As far as pay-offs, Dominion says it's all great.  With over 450 "Likes", and a huge response from posts, owner Gregory Pettis says, the Facebook page is staying.  "What surprised us, was not the response from the public who was curious about what we do, and how we do it, it was our current customers who wanted to give us great reviews without us asking," Pettis admits.  "It kind of went viral on us." 

A little secret is that Dominion has created another page on Facebook: the Dominators fan page.  Here, followers of the 'Dominators' reality show can keep up with the latest on the show's releases.  I am being told that Lancaster residents can expect episode number nine to be released sometime in the near future.  No details yet, only that it will make your skin crawl with bed bugs on the screen!  Dominion is on the forefront of bed bug control in Lancaster PA, and has caught some of the worst infestations on camera.  No further details at this time, but keep posted.

Facebook is only the latest in this Lancaster pest control companies feats.  In 2006, they participated in WGAL's "Local Pros Who Know" program, producing two commercials with the TV station.  Then, the stink bug crisis emerged in Lancaster, and few other pest control companies wanted anything to do with the stinkers, so Dominion took the lead in control, with hundreds of lawn signs all over Lancaster and York Counties.  This caused some confusion, because national pest control companies kept taunting that nothing could be done to control these pests.  Out of desperation, hundreds of residents in Lancaster called Dominion for help.  "Our web site had over a thousand hits a day for a while" Pettis boasts.  "It was like the phone would not stop ringing--literally".  These distress calls ended up as happy stink bug-free customers who told their friends, family, and neighbors about Dominion in Lancaster.  "The funniest thing we could not figure out, was customers would call us back a week later, and say 'Hey, you didn't put a stink bug sign in our lawn'", referring to Dominion's yard signs claiming they knew how to get rid of stink bugs.  "We were like, 'OK, we will be back'...with a sign; what else can you say?", Pettis quips.  Below is just a sample of video that you can on Dominion's Facebook page.

After word got out about the new Lancaster Pa pest control facebook page, things did go viral, as Pettis suggested.  What happend as well, Pettis could not predict.  "We had other businesses, suggesting that we 'Like' their page too,"  he explains.  "But what we did not expect, was other pest control companies from around the country trying to get on our facebook page.  I don't spend a lot of time of thinking about it, but I guess you just become a target when you are high profile."

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Comment by Maria DiBattista on March 5, 2013 at 1:44pm

I love it, I really love it!  In case you cannot find the link: pest control Lancaster PA.

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