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The first year of life is such a wonderful and transitional period for both parents and children alike. It is full of so many lifestyle changes as well as developmental and learning
advancements for your baby that you may never want to put your camera away!
It can be difficult to know when is the optimal time to take professional
portraits to capture many of these milestones that your little one is
surpassing on a daily basis. Below I have outlined the basic developmental
stages that cover the first year of your baby’s life that are excellent to have
captured in time.


From birth throughout the first ten days of life, your little bundle of joy will be getting plenty of sleep to provide ample opportunities for portraits.
During this period your baby can be easily staged in unique and delicate
poses that capture just how precious and beautiful he/she truly is. I
really recommend newborn portraits because you will quickly see how fast you’re
little one will be growing and changing, and to be able to have photographs of
the tiny beginnings make the perfect keepsakes.

3-4 months

During this stage, your baby is beginning to show more distinct emotions such as smiling and laughing. Your baby will begin interacting with you and soon will be
able to push up on his/her tummy! Tummy time portrait sessions can be a
lot of fun and allow the photographer to capture the baby while entertaining
oneself with various grasping toys or just practicing holding him self up!

6 months

Your baby should be nearing the point, if not already there, of sitting up on their own! Now he is consistently interacting with other people and is much more
aware of his surroundings. Baby can grasp toys and other objects which
allows for a fun stage to add various props to the portrait session!
Blankets, toys, even food can all make for exciting and entertaining
photographic opportunities.

9 months

By now your baby should be nearing the crawling stage and is quite active. If you haven’t already baby proofed…now is the time to do it! Baby on the go
pictures are fun, candid, and capture your baby preparing oneself for walking!

One year & up

The first year pictures really helps to sum up all the milestones and changes your baby has been encountering and grown from.
Crawling, standing, maybe even walking, and smiles with teeth coming are
all great changes in baby to have captured by a photographer. The first
birthday also allows for a mini cake which makes for really fun and messy
pictures that mark that one year milestone!

Sarah With Photography is based in Pasadena, CA and provides child and family professional portraits services in Southern California.
Sarah With is a lover of photography and has been able to hone her
talents on international journeys as well as practicing as a hobby within the
US. Her extensive experience
within the baby industry enable her to understand and empathize with the
milestones and changes parents watch their children experience, thus allowing
for candid and heartfelt photography.

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