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Pinterest in real life! - what it really looks like at my house :-)

As some of you may know, I have a tiny obsession with Pinterest.  Okay, maybe it’s not so tiny; I pin every day and I love it!  There are a ton of fantastic resources and ideas on there, and I love finding new kid activities.  But here’s the thing, the pictures always look so great and put together, and that is the opposite of what they look like at my house.  It’s not neat and perfect, and I don’t care.  I want my kids to have a good time, enjoy the experience and enjoying playing.  So the other day I did an activity with my kids that was from Pinterest, and I decided to take pictures of us working on it and show what Pinterest looks like at my house.  

Here is the original pin.  It’s lovely!  I was really drawn to the perfectly built structure using just paper.  So I showed the kids and they were on board to try it.  I pulled out paper and scissors and of course, everyone wanted to use their own scissors and cut pieces. 

So automatically the pieces are not going to be perfect and line up.  My 3 year old wanted to make really small blocks for an obstacle course he’d been working on earlier in the day, so I said sure.  Here are his tiny ones.

My 6 year old wanted to fold and tape the triangles herself.  They were having a great time!  They were balancing them on their nose, piling them on their little table and not fighting with one another!  It may not look Pinterest pretty, but it was a success in my book!

What projects have you done from Pinterest?  How did it go?

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