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Pretty Queen Hair Straightener Brush Review (Not Sponsored)

I have super curly (think Felicity) hair that I've battled with all my life. I've tried every cream, mousse, gel, brush, flat iron, and chemical treatment out there in the vain attempt to calm my unruly curls. Ah yes, I even participated in the age old ritual of using the actual iron to flatten my curls!

Last year I was obsessed with cutting my hair, bobbing it to be exact. I went back and forth on the decision, "to cut or not to cut," because I knew with a haircut as short as a bob I would have to style AKA straighten it everyday.

Last Fall I finally gave in and did it, and I LOVED IT! i loved it so much I still have the cut a year later. Last week while getting my hair done I asked my stylist how I could get my ends to stop rolling under and just lay flat and blunt.

To my surprise he recommended a straightening brush. He claimed all his client's loved them and that people had actaully reported no longer using their flat irons. Huh? I had to know more. He had one straightening brush left in his salon for sale but he was asking over $60 for it and to be honset, I was very skeptical.

Being the savy consumer I am I hoped on and started major research. After reading countless reviews I settled on the "Pretty Queen Hair Straightener Brush," (Digital Hair Straightener Brush, Fast Electric Comb,Hair Straighten..., by BiBOSS). I chose this brush because it had good ratings, and at a mere $23 what did I have to lose?

Through the power of my brush arrived in 2 short days. I couldn't wait to try it so I jumped in the shower and did a ROUGH blow dry of my hair; no round brush, no sectioning, nothing. After plugging the brush in and watching it quickly heat up to 230 degrees I started brushing my hair. AND IT WORKED! I couldn't believe it. I had soft, shiny, straight hair with blunt ends in half the time it usually took me.

Today I sectioned my hair before using the brush and it came out even better. From a former skeptic, I would highly recommend this product to anyone who hates fighting with their curls!

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