Did you know that one in five children across America is overweight?  We are in the midst of yet another woeful statistic, and that is that childhood obesity has already reached epidemic proportions. The probability these children will follow this unhealthy pattern into adolescence and adulthood is highly likely. Not only is it destroying their young lives, it also is robbing them of both their quality and quantity of life, spiraling their families deeper into health care collapse.

The Risks They Face Are Many

Left unchecked, developing chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes is a certainty.  Obesity can lead to high blood pressure and elevated bad cholesterol, asthma, arthritis, loss of kidney function, developing Type 2 diabetes with the risk of blindness, bone and joint problems, skin conditions such as heat rash, fungal infections and acne, stress, sadness, low self-esteem, and suicidal tendencies.  As adults we would be hard-pressed to deal with such difficulties in our lives. Think what this does to a child.

Causes of Obesity

The reasons for obesity are often more environmental than they are medical. The choices children face on a daily basis are not the easiest, when they are exposed to the wrong options in their home, child care center, school, or the community where they live. You can read the full report offered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, but here are the basic causes.

·         Sugary drinks & less healthy foods at school

·         Unhealthy foods marketed to children & adolescents on a regular basis

·         Lack of regular physical activity

·         Shortage of safe places for children to play & be active

·         Limited access to both healthy & affordable foods, so junk food becomes the easiest choice

·         Overly large portions

·         Free time consists of too many hours playing videos/watching t.v.

·         Addictive processed  and junk foods

When a child eats the wrong kinds of calories or regularly consumes more calories than he or she needs, their bodies cannot break down the added calories due to lack of exercise and activity.  The result is obesity. Globally the number of overweight children is astounding.  Switching over-processed, artificially enhanced, extremely sweetened and salted foods with a nutritious, delicious shake that contains no artificial ingredients will not only help them shed the weight but provide all the nutrients their bodies need to grow, will aid in moderating their appetite, and will give them back the energy they need to be the active child they were meant to be.  Here are three brands.  Check the labels for yourself and decide which one you think provides the best nutritional value.  Brand One. Brand Two. Brand Three.

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