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Putting Yourself Out There Gets Results

Putting Yourself Out There

The collage above showcases a Cabi shirt that one of my co-workers gave me. There was two reasons why she gave it to me: because she didn't know what to wear it with and because she knows that I'm a re-seller. It turns out that the shirt is my size and my style, so I decided to keep it for myself instead of reselling it. This is just one instance of good things falling into my lap because people know what I'm passionate about. Putting yourself out there is the only way that this can happen!

3 Surprising Things Have Started to Happen

My mantra and favorite quote of the year is by Madame C.J. Walker, "I got my start by giving myself a start."  Since I have launched my side hustle, selling my thrifted finds on my eBay store, and have started posting to social media and blogging about it, the following things have started to happen:

  1. Co-workers have started to give me things...for free! (Shouts out to "G" and Cornbread!)
  2. Friends and family give me things to sell for them in my online store or let me pay them upfront for their unwanted stuff.
  3. People are willing to be on the look out for and sell me deeply discounted items at the price that they purchased them.

I shouldn't really be surprised though, because the bible says that your gifts will make room for you. It's true, but since I have never pursued a passion for profit, it's all still new to me.

Find Your Inspiration

How many times have you heard a successful entrepreneur say that they just started doing what they were passionate about and the money and opportunities started to follow, or that if you do what you love, you will never work another day in your life?  Those words really resonate with me. They don't mean that you won't have to work just because you're doing something that you love. They mean that whatever you're doing will not "feel" like work because it's something that you love.

I have always envied people who get to walk this out everyday instead of feeling stuck on a job, but I know that it was a choice they made at some point to do so. Am I alone when it comes to working for a paycheck instead of being fulfilled by what I do? Don't get me wrong, teaching does fulfil me on a certain level. After all, I get to affect change in children's lives and see their growth, but my creativity and autonomy is strangled in the classroom. This makes it kinda hard to love it. As a free-spirited person, freedom and creativity is everything to me!

Dream Again

What I have accomplished and learned in my short time as an entrepreneur has motivated me. It has set ablaze in me the embers of entrepreneurship that were always there; the desire to live the life of my dreams on my own terms. Life can easily get in the way of your dreams, but you have to fight for them! Get creative about pursuing them. Like me, you are already equipped to fulfill your destiny and reach your potential. It starts with putting yourself out there!

Photo Credit: Christopher Sardegna

I'd love to hear about how you're putting yourself out there. Tell us about it in the comment box!  

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