The year is 2009. One hundred years ago people believed that by now there would be flying cars, robots running around doing all of our work and much more. But you look around today and you see no flying vehicles. If you look closely, you see that things haven't really changed that much since 1909. Sure we have the internet and cell phones and instead of making thousands of dollars a year, rich people now make millions. You aren't cool unless you wear 100 dollar jeans or drive a 40,000 dollar car. And Christianity is still shown as the only religion that people seem to think is normal and okay. Sure, there are Jews and Muslims...but what about other religions? Why is it that in the year 2009, we still think that other religions are all based on devil worship? Why is it that we still are being told by leaders in certain faiths that anyone is isn't Christian, is practicing with the devil? When is the world going to come out of this black hole and open their eyes, and their minds, to see something that was never there. To realize that every single faith across the world is exactly the same, just different practices.

One year ago in Sioux City, Iowa a man strangled his two step-daughters. Saying that a spell he had cast went wrong and that he was acting out of the Satanic Bible. What a bunch of baloney. If the cops who arrested him actually knew anything about the religion, they would realize he is trying to cover up his crime by playing the religion card. Thousands of years and people still think it is okay to kill in the name of their "GOD". If people paid more attention, they would see that religion is never the reason to kill. Religion just becomes the reason because it makes it seem more okay. And it almost gives the person the right to do it because they "believe" they are doing in in the name of spirituality. Just like back in the day when Christians decided that women were practicing witchcraft, and therefore working with satan and had to be put to death. They tortured so many women. Many of them accused by neighbors, friends and even family members. They were tossed off of cliffs, burned at the stake and sexually tortured beyond your wildest imagination. Don't believe me......they even wrote a book on it. Called "The Witches' Hammer" also known as: The Malleus Maleficarum.
Google will open your eyes to something you couldn't even imagine. History teacher never taught you about that I bet.

I read the Sioux City journal this morning. Outraged by the words on the page. Making him out to seem like an evil "witch" because he claimed he was Pagan. Pagans, Wiccans and Satanists are all different, but at the same time, not one of them says it is okay to kill anyone! People fear what they do not understand. So many people hear the name witch or pagan or wiccan or satanist and automatically they shut off the learning valve in their brain and turn on the I was told this abou that valve. And yet, so many people seem to not want to learn about it. They would rather keep the thoughts they were told in their head, then learn something new about something they were told was wrong.

And on the other side of that we have the outsiders who think that to go to the "dark side" is getting away from organized religion. When actually, if you go down to the basics, it is just like any other religion. There are good and evil parts. Christians for years have been made out to be perfect people, but they preach in their churches that any other religion is bad. However, the basis for Christianity came from Pagans. This has been proven by HISTORY! The Christians set up Christmas for Jesus' birth because they knew that they could take over Yule. And not just that holiday....almost all of the Christian holidays on today's calender can be traced back to some Pagan holiday. Easter for example. Happens to fall around the holiday Ostara....or the spring festival. They did this because in order to have people convert from their old ways, they had to make it seem as close as their current practicing traditions. Some Christian faiths even use some of the same tools as praciticing Pagans/Wiccans do in their rituals. Incense, candles, and other small tools used soley for practicing your faith. Catholics have their rosary. I mean, its the same thing, just worded differently and made to seem okay to do in the Christian faith, but when Pagans or Wiccans practice, its devil worship.

I know I ramble, but things make me so angry like this. I am sick of people looking at other religions and dismissing them as bad or evil or wrong, just because it isn't what they themselves practice. I am not Christian. But I don't go around preaching to other people that Christianity is wrong. I let them worship who they want to worship. Whether it be Jesus, Allah, the Goddess or Buddah. Everyone is entitled to believe what they want to believe, whether or not we think it is wrong. The United States was founded on the fact that people wanted religious freedom. They wanted to be able to practice whatever religion they wanted without fear of persecution. However, hundreds of years later, people are still burned at stakes for being witches. They are beaten up, tortured for being Jews. Teenagers in school are taunted and made fun of for dressing in black and reading books such as the Satanic Bible. If you actually sat down and read that particular book you would see it has nothing to do with Satan. It has everything to do with the empowering of the human soul. To care for yourself and your loved ones.

And speaking of Satan---the only people in the world to believe in him are CHRISTIANS. Pagans don't believe in hell, neither do Wiccans. So how in the world can people sit here and call us devil worshippers when in reality we do no such thing. Christians preach more about Satan than any other religion. Every religion has its own thoughts and beliefs about good and evil. Take Karma for instance. I believe whole heartedly in Karma. What comes around goes around. If you spend your entire life being judgemental and evil and hurtful, I believe that somehow justice will be served whether it be here or in the after life.

I could rant about religions for hours. It is something I am very passionate about. I just wish people would open their minds instead of thinking something about someone and being totally wrong.

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