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Special thanks goes out to Good Housekeeping for sharing these really adorable ideas for the upcoming Easter holiday.

Flowers and eggs (real and artificial) rest in a bird's nest filled with wet florist's foam.

Complete Instructions:

Wreath of flowers with egg nest: Fill a 10-inch-round low basket with aluminum foil, then place florist's foam on top. Loosely loop grapevine (available at crafts stores) around the perimeter of the basket. Place a bird's nest (also available at crafts stores) in the center of the basket. Add artificial birds' eggs to the nest. Finish by arranging tulips, daffodils, grape hyacinths, and lilacs around the outer edge of the basket (making sure to cover the florist's foam but allowing the nest to show)
Rose Bowl - artificial eggs surround a water-filled glass in the middle of the vase. 
Complete Instructions:
Flower arrangement in glass vase with eggs: Place artificial eggs in the bottom of a tall, wide vase. Place a tall glass in the center of the vase, making sure there is enough room between the two for additional eggs. Insert eggs around the glass until it is fully hidden. Carefully pour water into the glass and arrange a bouquet of white hydrangea, white roses, white tulips, and pink astilbe.

Eggshells make perfect candleholders, with a little glue, melted wax, and a wick. Dye the hard-cooked eggs before you start, and be sure to place the wick so it will stick out above the shell.

Complete Instructions:

Candle eggs: Hard-boil, dye, and dry the eggs. Break the shell crown of an egg by gently tapping with a spoon. Remove and discard the egg's contents with a small spoon. Pour colored dye inside the eggshell, drain, and place the shell upside down on a paper towel to dry. To make the candle, first melt candle wax (from a crafts store) in a double boiler. Next, using a glue gun, place a small drop of glue inside the egg, on the bottom. Put a wick in the glue spot; it should reach above the eggshell. Wind the wick around a toothpick three times and gently place the toothpick across the egg opening. Using a small ladle, spoon, or funnel, pour enough wax to fill 7/8 of the egg, making sure to evenly surround the wick. Allow the wax to harden, remove the toothpick, and cut the wick to size. Place the candles in eggcups. Remember to never leave burning candles unattended.

Trim It Up!              

Fabric and craft stores are full of colorful ribbon, lace, and velvet trims that can dress up eggs. Cook and color them first, then attach your choices with white tacky glue.

Complete Instructions:

Collection of decorated eggs: For fabric-trimmed eggs, cut trim to size and adhere to hard-boiled eggs with white tacky glue. For polka-dot eggs, dye hard-boiled eggs a pale color. Let dry before adding sticker dots (available at office-supply stores). Dye the eggs a second time in a contrasting color, let dry, and remove dots. For marbleized eggs, first dye hard-boiled eggs and let dry. Next, wrap eggs two or three times in a piece of plastic wrap, bunching the wrap in a few places. Immerse eggs in a different color, letting them remain in the dye for at least 20 minutes. Remove wrap and let dry.

Decoupaged Eggs
Paper napkins were decoupaged to eggs to create a spring pansy effect.

Complete Instructions:

Decoupage-pansy eggs: Dye hard-boiled eggs in light pastel colors. Gather paper napkins with pansy designs and use small scissors to cut out the flower patterns on each napkin. Brush a thin layer of white craft glue on the area of the egg where you want the pansy design to go. Place the pansy design on the glue and use a soft craft brush to place a thin coat of glue over the design (make sure to smooth out any wrinkles). Let dry. Place several pansy designs on eggs, or simply use just one design. Prepare a spring basket by filling a basket with dirt, planting pansies around the perimeter, and adding moss to the center. Arrange decoupaged eggs in the center.


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Comment by Latisha McDougal on March 23, 2013 at 5:08pm

very beautiful designs thanks for sharing

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