Recipe Rescue! {kind of lol} Apple Mush Casserole...

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a bit grumpy.  I was tired, and the fact that it was raining outside wasn't helping.  Plus the rain was making all the pretty-colored leaves fall off the trees before they're ready! 
I decided I should find some kind of project for myself to work on.  I mean I have enough projects either started, or waiting to be started, so why not just pick one and go for it?  I thought about the bag of apples I had sitting in the fridge and decided upon making an apple pie.  Afterall, it was a perfect apple pie kind of day.
Well, me being me decided that just any ordinary apple pie wasn't gonna cut it.  I wanted to find a recipe that was unique AND was going to taste FABULOUS!  So where did I go? Pinterest of course.  And I couldn't find apple pie recipes.  Really??? 
So off to Google I went.  At one point I was pretty much settled on Martha Stewart's apple pie recipe, but it wasn't really any different than all the other recipes out there.  Really Martha? Your supposed to be the BEST! This is when I stumbled upon a recipe which was exactly what I was looking for.
First off the crust was a bit different than your average crust, and you used your hands to mix all of the ingredients together.  Then the apple filling was prepared in a way I had never heard of before.  
The method was to simmer your sugar-coated apple slices in butter, drain out the liquid, and then cook the liquid until it was thick and any sugar was carmelized, and then add back to the apples.  This was where things went wrong.  REALLY wrong I might add.
Once my apples were done simmering, they were no longer apple slices.  More like chunky mush. 
I became enraged, and came close to dumping the whole thing in the trash.  (If you know me personally, you know enraged for me isn't really all that scary ;)  
After calming myself down I decided I should make something else out of this mush.  The only thing I could think of was applesauce or apple butter, and I didn't really want to make either. So back to Google I went.    
What I finally came up with was to place the mush in a greased casserole dish, mix up batter for a small yellow cake, and spread that on top.  Then I mixed brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped walnuts in a bowl and poured that over the whole thing. After baking for 20 minutes the kitchen smelled really good, and the mushy cake thing looked pretty tasty too.
Yes the apples were even more mushy than before, but overall I think this was an ok recipe rescue :)
Have you ever had a recipe disaster which you were able to rescue?  I have to say this is the first time in my life I was able to do this.  Normally I don't stop myself when the feeling comes over me to throw the it all in the trash lol.
Looking ahead to this week My Wordless Wednesday blog party will be open Tuesday at noontime {US EST}, Friday will be my Fabulous Friday Finds Etsy picks, and beginning at noon US EST on Friday is my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!  In between I should have some more fun things to share with you :)
Wishing you all a wonderful week! 

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