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Recovering from ME/CFS with Reverse Therapy

Recovering from ME/CFS with ‘Reverse Therapy’

It’s been some time since I last posted, but so many positives have occurred with Julie’s condition that I thought it was time to give an update. Prior to March 2011 things were not great, with Julie’s condition being somewhat on a low plateau unable to do or take part in meaningful things before fatigue set in, you all know what it’s like.

Then things changed, thanks to a consultant who was helping Julie with meditation classes.  Dr Singh told her about a therapist who was having a great deal of success with ME/CFS sufferers with a technique known as ‘Reverse Therapy’.   After a little research we found that it was a relatively new method of treatment carried out by a Dr. John Eaton.  His methods seemed to offer a solution to this once thought untreatable condition. With a reported success rate of over 80% we thought why not give it a go, we had tried so many other approaches all with only limited success.

After only the first session the change in Julie was quite remarkable, on our return home we took our dog ‘Buster’ for a walk, usually this consisted of a five minute slow stroll and back home for Julie to rest up.  This walk was very different and on this special occasion we walked at a good pace for over 20 minutes and I could see in Julie’s eyes a long lost glint that had not been there for the two previous years. I knew at that moment things would be different in the future, we were over the worst and Julie had begun her long journey back from the dark side that had consumed both of our lives for so long.

Over subsequent treatments the improvements gathered in pace, Julie being able to walk further, quicker and starting to take part in social gatherings and activities even including a pop concert, something we could only dream of doing just such a short time before.  She has started to enjoy life once again - what a difference!  Some ten months after treatment started we now regularly walk between 40 minutes to an hour with Buster.  She has even managed to ski non-stop for over an hour (at an indoor ski slope) without side-affects, in preparation for our upcoming skiing break.  I remember in March last year when she had hoped that one day she would be able to do just one run, well she can do a lot more than that and for the first time in over two years we are really looking forward to a holiday that will turn out to be another milestone on her journey to full recovery.

In the last two weeks Julie feels well enough to attend a children’s centre on a voluntary basis for two hours a day three days a week and is enjoying the experience of working in some capacity. She is realistic and understands that it will still be some time before she is strong enough to hold down such a demanding job, but it’s another step in the right direction - a step we didn’t think she would be taking again.

Those who have followed past blogs will know we have tried various approaches to try to break free of this terrible condition with only limited success along the way. We are both convinced that the real progress started the day Julie began her “Reverse Therapy” and that it’s this method that has and is helping her to continue her progress towards total recovery. I would add that if you decide to go down this path, I believe, your success will be swifter if you fully open your mind and persevere with the techniques available.

If you wish to read more about this revolutionary approach to treating ME/CFS then click the attached link or if you live in the Midlands in the UK try the attached link for Julie’s therapist who we are eternally grateful to for giving both of us our lives back

Lastly I would like to thank for sponsoring the site to enable us to get this message of hope out there to all you fellow sufferers, and carers. Recovery is within your grasp, reach out and take it – we did.


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