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ReLuma Skin Illuminating Anti-aging Serum & Moisturizer preview! (amongst other things)

Another glorious day of rain in London. Week 27, 13 weeks to go and things are becoming more real to me at long last. I think that I just about feel pregnant! Now being the time that my (once) petite 5'1 and a half(!) frame has an extremely large protrusion jutting out from the front, it's no surprise really. It's funny how obsessed with weight and size we are. I really thought that when I became pregnant that I would almost be like a different person. That I would change, grow up and just be so happy and 'blooming' and 'pregnant' that I wouldn't care. In fact, I really expected a whole new pregnant me; an entirely different, more grown up, mother-to-be but no! No! No! No! Major preconception proved to be untrue. I feel exactly the same. I'm now moving the timeline on slightly for preconceptions and I'm thinking that once baby is born in November that I'll feel more grown-up. I'll be a real mummy then. I can almost hear your reaction! I know, I know. I bet nothing changes. Of course it won't. As my mother once said to me only a few years ago, she still feels the same way that she did at eighteen (funnily enough she almost looks it too and she still has that sense of naivety that is so sweet).

So, I'm growing, fast. I've been manageably small (comparatively) with a neat(ish) - you see my insecurity coming through here! - bump up until now. However, this last week I'm feeling myself getting bigger. It's a little worrying given that baby and I still have 13 weeks more growing time. I like the fact that I have had no problems, sickness, discomfort issues etc and scarily this might change. I've always be extremely competent. Don't take 'weakness' well. So, watch this space!

On to task in hand or at least making the title relevant! I've been on the lookout for new anti-aging products these last few weeks. As you may know, I reviewed Garnier's new BB Cream in my last post (more of a cosmetic pick-me-up than a serious anti-aging product) and I would really like a chance to properly review Algenist; a new to the UK, manufactured by a San Franciscan biotechnology company, range based on alguronic acid and sold exclusively in Space NK for now. More from me on that at a later date hopefully.

Back to ReLuma. Whilst searching out a new and 'undiscovered ' anti-aging product on the net, I came across this range. It caught my eye because it had been pitched against and compared to Algenist. Also, the products are derived from adult stem cells, a new technology for anti-aging as far as I'm aware or at least not a common one yet and certainly not in the UK. The company behind the products is Invitrx Therapeutics. Another US biotech specializing in the culture and engineering of adult stem cells used to 'develop innovative products and therapies that are used in aesthetics, wound closure, and healing as well as plastic and reconstructive surgery. ' It's Chairman and CEO directed the Laboratory of Regenerative Bioengineering and Repair for the Department of Surgery at UCLA prior to starting up so they should have some expertise!

You can check them out here:

My thoughts so far and not a minute too soon because having received the Advanced Facial Moisturizer and the Skin Illuminating Serum in the post direct from the US yesterday (with their lash and hair serums too - again more later on these) I gave them a quick go just to see how they fared and perhaps I'm being a little overexcitable here and possibly unrealistic but I swear that the bag (yes, bag - I have one under my right eye only) seems very slightly diminished. They do do an eye cream but I didn't get that so as directed, I used the serum all over my face including my eyes and then followed with the moisturizer. A good serum before a moisturizer always helps smooth drier skin and overall the combination of these two on my skin made for an improvement. Softened out the smaller wrinkles slightly which again a good moisturizer can do cosmetically too. I'd like to say that I have relatively good skin apart from a few hormone-related pregnancy spots ( read boils!) but that it verges on the dry too. I don't generally use a serum at the moment purely out of laziness. My product of the moment( I change often) for moisturizing all is pure vitamin E oil ( can be pretty heavy and thick) or Argan oil ( bought in April on our trip to Morocco, lighter and sinks in more easily). Anyway, realistically it's too early to tell of course but so far I'm encouraged so watch this space.

Lastly and best of all, an update on my work/redundancy situation. They are giving me everything that I asked for, even if it has taken three months (I'm on garden leave still). Waiting for it all in writing now but looking like a positive outcome against all odds!

PS I got the cleanser too!! Missed it and really need a new, effective one. Let' see...Off to pilates now. Laters!

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