Those silly Braxton Hicks started a couple of weeks ago.  Annoying "fake" contractions that indicate that the body is preparing, exercising, for labor.  It's normal and expected.


But they began to grow stronger and stronger in intensity, until Sunday afternoon when they grew so intense that I could no longer stand up straight, walk or even talk through them.


That's when I realized, this is not normal nor expected.


So, we packed up Robi and went to Labor and Delivery.  The doctor confirmed that everything is okay, baby is growing and developing well, and the contractions were indeed "fake" - so I was not in danger of preterm labor at that point.


However, she told me what others have been trying to say all along.  "You need to take it easy".  One thing that never came to mind (how this is possible, I am not sure) was the fact that my cesarean with Robi could complicate things if I am not careful.  She was very concerned about that.  So, I am thinking of ways to cut back, stay off of my feet, and rest.


The body has ways of warning us that we are overdoing it.  Sometimes we listen, sometimes we don't.  But, because I am carrying a life inside of me, I decided to listen.  And I'm glad I did!  At this point my body tells me every three or so steps, "Please sit down!"  I cannot do much of anything at this point.  And I have decided to look at this "setback" as God's way of allowing me rest before I face labor.  Labor is intensive, it requires much strength, and at the pace I was going I would have been lucky to have had the needed strength for labor.


Jesus said, "Come unto Me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest."  But sometimes we have trouble recognizing when we are weary and heavy laden.  Sometimes we know we are weary and heavy laden and we think that this is they way it should be - sometimes we feel more "holy" or productive when we are weary and heavy laden.  And yet, if we wear ourselves out we are less productive, take less precautions, and are in greater danger of hurting ourselves and others around us.  


This was a good lesson for me - a wake up call - to learn to pace myself.  I am not super woman, I cannot be super woman.  I have limited strength and my body needs rest to allow Andrej to grow like he needs.  Rest is just as holy as work.  Even Jesus rested.  God rested on the 7th day of creation - not because He was tired, but to set an example for us that we ought to follow.  Our body was created to both work and rest - and if we only work and never rest we bring upon ourselves various sicknesses, diseases, and injuries because we fail to recognize an important principle: all creation rests.  The animal kingdom rests - some sleep the entire winter.  Even the soil needs rest to build up valuable vitamins and minerals for growing our fruits and vegetables.  The earth has day and night: day for work, night for rest.


And so mankind also needs to follow this same pattern.


So, I am now on bed-rest to give my body the opportunity to prepare itself for bringing new life into the world.   And I must admit, as hard as it will be in a week or so, right now it feels really good!

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