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Retro Kitchen Sets and Ideas for Re Designing

If your kitchen space is looking worn and tired lately, and you are thinking to give a face lift then why not try doing different. You might be thinking, different how? Well, with retro kitchen sets. More often families spend their great deal of time together in the family kitchen, hence adding these retro accent pieces and appliances will surely punch up your old space.

A great place to start with retro kitchen sets is by adding few cool counter top accents such as:

Diner Chairs: Diner chairs are reminiscent of 1950s diners/restaurant that will offer great change when used as seating around your kitchen table. The chairs are super durable and commercially designed, and easy to maintain when accidental spill occurs.

Retro Refrigerator: How can we forget not to include retro fridge, when it comes to retro kitchen sets. Since, a retro fridge can easily become a centerpiece in your kitchen. The colors are eye-catching and available in sleek designs. Though, the entire outer look is retro, the fridge is completely state-of-the-art inside.

Toaster: If you are looking for an affordable way to redecorate your kitchen in retro style, then retro toasters are great add-on. The retro toasters are available in great styles and colors to choose from. It is wonderful to see that how adding these little things can help you in changing your entire kitchen space.

Wall Clock: A cool, chic looking retro wall clock would be an amazing addition to your kitchen space. This might remind you of your days spent with your grandma baking cookies. A clean Arabic numbers, printed in bright colors and metal hands totally look nostalgic. The wall clock is easy to fit on your kitchen space and just looks great.

Dishes: This is simple yet will be an elegant addition that comes from the retro kitchen sets category. These basic vintage kitchen accessories provide the room with a retro look. There are lots of patterns and style available if you look through there are many different 1950s styled dishes, cups, glasses and food storing vessels available.

Espresso Machine: Make sure that you have a real vintage style espresso coffee maker, the one that grinds coffee beans and brews nice authentic coffee every morning or whenever you are in the mood to have one. Know that only the outer appearance of this espresso machine is having a retro look, but inside it is well-built with latest technology that comes with great frothing, steaming and brewing options.

The retro look is totally about the straight forwardness of the symmetrical lines and vividness and intensity of the colors. Therefore, the retro look in your kitchen would be more appealing and you should try them out. You can now bring all the delightful things in your kitchen and at the same time enrich it with a retro look in order to make it seem more attractive. Currently, you can also cook the favorite items for your family and in the process provide them a smell of the past with utmost love and care. Retro will be in style every time because there is something which is there in the look of the retro kitchen table and chairs that makes it an all-time favorite.

Apart from above mentioned retro kitchen sets, you can add various vintage decorations such as table cloth, retro rug, plate holders, salt and pepper holders, old cook books, fruit basket etc. You can get these items sold easily at thrift stores, antique malls or any flea market. Also, you can find them on the Internet, as they are highly sold. Browsing online has an added benefit of getting these retro kitchen sets at discounted prices. With great bargained price, you can accommodate more number of retro items for your kitchen.

More ideas and tips available on This kitchen blog.

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