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So MisssyM started it all saying she was a bit tired of the way older women are called MILFs when frankly mostly younger men were not that desirable: frisky, panting, a little lacking in the self control department, and all in all what you'd want in a dog not a mate. She fought for a call for arms for MILFs everywhere to start a campaign to bring the older man to people's attention. First she thought she'd call her list of greying male hotties GILFs (with G being for Grandad) but then decided that was too icky and changed the acronym to WSW (We Still Would). She made a strong argument for choosing your well aged Stilton (crumbly and falling apart but with a full body) over you freshly packaged portion of Dairylea (firm to the bite, quickly dissolves on the tongue).

Over at the Cocktails at Naptime blog she listed some pretty good reasons why your WSWs trumped your toy boys including:

"A WSW wouldn’t look at your stretchmarks or episiotomy scars and shriek “What the fuck is that? Dear God, were you in a plane crash or something?!”

Then Heather got all hot under the collar looking at all the geriatric man meat MisssyM put up and decided to parade her own selection of wrinklies, including playing her trump card Alan Rickman. I must say I wasn't convinced (especially about MisssyM fancying Michael Palin). Your older bloke may well have a more well formed personality, but there's only so much chatting I want to do before we hit the sack. Basically I'm pretty sure I fall firmly on the other side of the fence, the fence of ripe biceps, unformed brains, a sex drive that won't quit and a birthday after 1980. Very Bored In Catalunya too came over to my side when she shouted: "You can all get jiggy with your zimmer-framed Romeos and I'll get busy with Jake Gyllenhaal!" Well said my girl!

So while I'd pick a ripe peach over a dried up piece of old fruit any day of the week I decided I'd rack my brains for five older guys I'd be more than glad to do it with. Frankly it's always been a bit of a puzzler to me why I don't generally fancy older guys. My dad wasn't around so you'd think I'd have daddy issues up the wazoo. I suppose I fancy the younger man - and frankly younger probably only means younger than me now so that means a cut off point of 39 - because I don't like talking about pension plans, don't like fancy restaurants, pretentious trips to the theatre, chats about literature or all the other things wrinklies talk about. I just like young, immature, funny, silly guys and if they make me laugh I don't mind paying for it (the meal I mean, I draw the line at paying for a gigolo). That's the way I roll. That said, let me lay out a nice selection of WSW dried fruit for your delectation.

1. Al Pacino

This sex scene in supermaket - Hot Hot! insanely hot! Are you listening Al? You can handle my yellow peppers any day of the week.

2. Denis Leary

Swears a lot, looks like he could drink me under the table and might like kinky sex (probably I got this idea from the naughty fireman he plays in Rescue Me who never ever turns any woman down even though he is married and has a girlfriend on the side in the programme).

3. Gabriel Byrne

Blue eyes, dark hair. Say no more. By the way before you all emigrate to Ireland - they don't all look like that over there!

4. Robert Downey Junior

So he's had a few problems with substance abuse - that only makes him more huggable. Come to mama!

5. Owen Wilson

I love his crooked nose, and his voice, Southern accent, so sexy. Shit he's only 42 (two years older than me) - does he qualify as an older man?

What do you think? Do any of these blokes rock your socks? Let me know which WSWs you think are the firmest raisins in the dried fruit selection!


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