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Ok, yeah, I'll admit that my husband and I may have rock, paper, scissored our way through some of more undesirable aspects of parenting our twins.  (I'm pretty sure we're not the only ones who do this either.)  Because, sometimes, it just doesn't really make sense for BOTH of us to jump into a crappy situation.  For example, nobody likes to clean up kid puke at 3 A.M., right?  It doesn't necessarily need to be a two-person job.  And why should we both get out of our warm, snuggly bed early on a Sunday morning to make pancakes for breakfast? But one of the biggest competitions (although it's only on occasion) is who's going to pay the babysitter after a long night of adult beverages with friends.

Now, mind you, we have each one failed miserably at this very task, but we still continue to push the other to be the responsible one.  I can recall one particular time after a Halloween party when I drew the short end of this proverbial stick.  After one too many festive glasses of vino, neither my math skills nor my name recollection capabilities were quite up to par.  I ended up not only paying the sitter WAY more than necessary, but I also wrote the check out to a woman who lives down the street to me.  You can just imagine my humiliation when the poor teenage sitter called me the next day to ask if I could please make the check out to HER.

Then there was the pre-New Year's Eve party one year where someone had taken a marker and drawn a pair of boobs on the top of my husband's forehead, unbeknownst to him.  And at the end of the night, he obliviously paid our babysitter and proceeded to have a very long-winded conversation with her, all with a giant pair of tatas smeared across his mug.  I can't imagine how much restraint it must have taken her not to bust out laughing.

But in the grand scheme of things, I guess we should consider ourselves  pretty lucky.  If the worst we're rock, paper, scissoring over are little things like puke and breakfast and babysitters, I suppose we're not doing too badly.  There definitely are worse things we could be divvying up.  And hey, we're certainly giving our sitters some good entertainment, aren't we?  :)




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