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A few months ago I was reading blogs and darn it...I ended up on Ebay. That ever happen to you? Yes, here's the post that inspired such fun. Maybe I was just bored. Tired of the monotony of cleaning. Or thinking buying skates would be easier than dying my hair (never done that one still). But I ended up browsing skates and buying some that day.

And cha-ching, a week later my purple-white skates arrived all cigarette musty (nothing some lavender couldn't fix). I laced them up when no kids were in the room and set to rolling like a baby learning to walk...for about a minute. When my kids found me it immediately became a swell of "MOM! I WANT SKATES?!" and "MOM, HELP ME LACE UP MY SKATES!"

Here's me skating that night at 11 o'clock when all the kiddos were finally in bed!

Oh, what was I thinking? How could Mama have a toy that divided the kids into two groups? The have's and the have-not's. We tried the "each of you wear one skate so you can practice" bit, but I could tell that was only going to work once or twice. Sigh. So I tucked my roller skates away in the closet and have only used them late at night when all kids are asleep in bed and all toys are picked up. (It's super fun by the way.) But, it hasn't happened often.

So I set about finding one more pair for my middle child. Boy-boy is too young to skate yet so he can beg for a pair next Christmas.

And now we all have our skates! So it's Aquarius time. That was the roller rink I grew up on in San Diego. It's where I first learned to skate. Where my husband had his first kiss (yes, I hear that story every so often since I'm married to my high school sweetheart). Where I can remember the faded, worn carpet patterns. The video games booping in the background of the disco ball. And fun times skating to marvelous hits like "We like the cars, the cars that go boom." Yeah. Ghetto. But whatever.

So yay to winter! Yay cold, long days in the house! Did I mention long days, much of it spent INSIDE? Yay, I say!

Tonight we danced in skates. We practiced staying up on skates. We learned to fall better. And darn it if my middle child gave her new retro, used skates a flat out grimace as she opened them on Christmas. OK, it almost broke my heart actually. But, I think the blue-and-yellow beauties are starting to grow on her.

Oh yeah, and cooking in skates is my new favorite past time...when boy-boy isn't clamoring to be in my arms too!

What fun it was to simply do things around the house a few inches taller. I mean, I suppose I could just wear heels and get that effect, but first I'd have to learn to walk in them. Seriously, tonight as I made dinner, it looked a bit like woman stirring black beans, quick roller to the pantry for cumin and chili powder, back to stove--ack, brake fast! More stirring. But I couldn't believe the views. Standing there stirring I could see the entire contents of the pot. What a revelation, not to mention a great reminder that each person sees life from a different angle. I mean, I think a lot about those who are two-feet tall...but 6 feet tall? Not so often. And poor them is all I could think. Everything seems quite unergonomically challenging. Not to mention uncomfortable. But it was fun to just feel tall for an hour today. Shake up my paradigm for a while.

Anyhow, if anyone needs some spice in their lives...and has hardwood floors or cement outdoors...look no further! Roller Skates are back.

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