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Romantic Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

If I am to be honest, Valentine’s Day is a far bigger deal for my daughters than it is for my husband and me. It seems that the school enjoys promoting this should-be celebration of undying love between two lovers as a vehicle to express friendship between classmates.  Although we do not officially celebrate Valentine’s Day in our home, my husband and I will still share a nice bottle of vino and some sweet delicacies  at the end of the evening, once the rest of the household is in bed.

It is after all, a day to pay homage to Saint Valentine by giving and receiving cards, flowers, sweets and gifts. For those who go all out on this day of observance of all things romantic and loving, here are some great ideas…

Personalized Leather Case for iPad - Nothing says “I love you” better than a personalized gift. This beautiful leather case can be monogrammed and is perfect for keeping his much loved iPad looking like the day he got it. Buy it at Cambria Cove for $145.00.
Soirée Diffuser – Designed as an in-bottle glass decanter, it fits securely into the neck of any wine bottle and allows the wine to breathe while it is poured. It comes in a sturdy carrying case for the guy who can’t leave home without it, i.e. to decant his wine in restaurants. Buy here for $49.95.
Custom Postcard Wall Art -  How cool would it be to give him a customized jumbo-sized postcard declaring your love for him. Plus the piece of art is beautiful to be hung for all to see. Buy at Yahgie for $78.99.
Braille Ring – This chunky sterling silver ring has the word “Love” spelled out in Braille. This is the perfect intimate and complicit gift to show true love to those who wear it and for the wearer to be able to touch to never forget he is loved. Buy it from Zahour on Etsy for $85.00


Antigua Digital Frame – Surprise her with a gift with old-fashioned charm but that uses the latest in technology. This Baroque-inspired frame embellishes a digital frame to which photos can be uploaded. How sweet to see a photo chronicle of your relationship together. Plus the frame has built in speakers so you can listen to your favorite Barry White songs as you watch the stream of photo montage. Buy it at Cambria Cove for $180.00.
CupCake Bath Bombs – Here is one cupcake that carries no guilt. In fact, Feeling Smitten Cupcakes are all handmade from quality ingredients. They are delightful to make that bath a languorous, sensual experience. With names like “Knight in Shining Armor” and “Honey, I Do” let’s hope your bath is big enough for two. Buy them here for $10.50 or the Valentine Trio for $17.00.
Thinking of You Vase Covers – Three metal vase covers titled “Here”, “Now’ and “Forever” are the perfect romantic gift when combined with three bouquets of flowers.  Designed by Todd Boontje for Artecnica , they are packaged flat and can be easily transformed into lovely covers for plain vases, glass jars or containers. Buy them on Amazon and don’t forget the flowers to place in the vase!
Heart Necklace with Love in Braille - I know I always play with the necklace I am wearing. How sweet would it be to feel the raised bumps and know what it is saying; a secret between you and the person who gave it to you. Buy it from Namicharms on Etsy for $45.00.


Sundial Rings – The story goes that in 1152, Eleanor of Aquitaine gave a sundial ring to Henry II so that he would know when to leave the hunt to join her for their love trysts. Moved by her love, Henry ordered his jewelers to make a copy for Eleanor – inlaid with diamonds and engraved with the Latin words Carpe diem (seize the day). This ring is an adaptation of their rings (minus the diamonds). Buy one for each of you and synchronize your rings, like Eleanor and Henry II did for their romantic rendez-vous. Buy them at Lee Valley for $34.50. – Besides chocolates and flowers, Champagne exudes romance.  We have mentioned PersonalWine as a gift idea before. How can we not mention it for Valentine’s Day. Right now they offer  an amorous gift package which included a bottle of bubbly, 2 flute glasses and 2 chocolate cake balls for $59.99 with your own personalized label. Buy here.
Hearts and Kisses Mousse Cakes – Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. These six mouse cakes flavored with whiskey and chocolate are perfect when paired with some bubbly.  Buy them at Cambria Cove for  $40.00.
Personalized Novels -  Imagine reading a romantic (and slightly erotic) novel together where the two of you are the main characters. U Star Novels has created a range of novels with titles like English Encounters and Safari Nights, that include up to 30 of your most personal details (ahem). This might be one of those books that your partner won’t mind seeing you read in bed. Go to U Star Novels to view all their titles. $35.95.
Umbrella For Two – What is more romantic than getting caught in the rain with your sweetie. Perfect for those spring showers that are just around the corner. Buy here $49.95.

Last but not least, here are two great sites that can spark your imagination, stimulate your senses and bring your Valentine’s Day to a whole new level: We have written about Sexy Slang before. Lots of romantic gift ideas in the playful category. Check out their complete collection here You might also want to check out Amorosa Bella, which stands for “Beautiful Lover” or “Sweetheart”, where their commitment is to experience more pleasure (not only in your relationship but in life) through all of your senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. They have an online store as well as a club to join.

Have a romantic one dahhhhlins.

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