Embark on a safari adventure with this super fun jungle-themed baby shower! If you were born to be wild, a safari theme baby shower is perfect and we aren’t lion!  Jungle themed baby showers are a fantastic way to celebrate a new baby and the Queen of the Jungle without being too masculine or feminine.  Fun animal prints, faux jungle creatures and Kraft paper turn any room into an African safari where guests will enjoy games, gifts and goodies…. All perfectly fit to the theme!

Safari Theme Baby Shower Invitations

Sending printed jungle animal print shower invitations are an easy way to let your guests know the theme of the baby shower and get them in the mood for a jungle shower.  Address your invitations to your ‘jungle VIPs’ and decorate the invitations with pictures of monkeys swinging from branches, or order your invitations with any number of jungle designs, from lions, tigers and bears, oh my! If you’re feeling creative, be sure to include a verse or poem along the lines of the jungle theme. For example ‘come prepared for monkey fun and celebrate the birth of Sarah’s son. You’re welcome at the appointed hour, to this jungle baby shower!’

Safari Theme Baby Shower Decorations

If you have an imagination and a passion to create beautiful events then go “WILD” with the decorations. For the jungle baby shower it is really easy to mix up the colors.  Deciding on your shower decorations first helps you to come up with a color scheme. Welcome guests with a cute chalkboard sign and adorable monkeys hanging from the trees.  Dress the monkeys up in cute baby safari or animal print onesies.  Another cute idea is to use your wood fence in your backyard to make a great backdrop.  Hang banners using animal print paper and string it along the fence.  Decorate doorways with hanging vines and/or leaves.  Place tall potted plants and greenery everywhere, especially around the “Queen of the Jungle”.

One idea’s we have come across is to make an amazing paper palm tree or two for your jungle shower.  They were made by cutting leaf shapes out of used brown paper grocery bags.  Crumple up the bags as much as possible to give them a weathered and “veiny” look. Spray paint the front and the backs of each leaf with a high-gloss white paint. The paint won’t cover the crumpled parts giving it the weathered and leafy look you’re after. Starting with a Styrofoam ball as your base (the below example was approx 8” diameter) hot glue the leaves around the ball in layers until you’re tree is as full as you want it to be. In the example below they started with the larger leaves around the bottom and went with smaller ones at the top.  Poke a hole on the bottom of the Styrofoam ball to insert your tree base. They used a gum tree branch in the picture below but any other branch or wooden dowel could work as well.  Voila! You have your very own Palm Tree! If you don’t like the white look play around with others colors.


Other fun ideas are to fill glass vases, apothecary jars or jumbo brandy glasses with various green and brown candies adorned with raffia and safari themed tags that match your invitations and decorations.  Add a festive vibe with fun and vibrant safari print paper lanterns – just hang them with fishing wire or ribbon!

Opt for a jungle-inspired table to add to your safari décor – use a grass skirt and banana leaf table runners. Hang mosquito netting from the center focal point hovering over the food table, creating a whimsical feel.  Or set the table with burlap fabric and an animal print runner, which can be picked up at any fabric store and left unfinished for a rustic feel.  Or get really creative and use  animal print baby blankets as the table runners which double as a safari themed baby shower gift for the mom to be. Wrap the silverware in a napkin and tie with coordinating ribbon.

Safari Theme Baby Shower Food

It is always fun when your food adds to theme of your party.   Salads can be a great main dish for a safari spread since they are food of the jungle.  Appetizers wrapped with large leaves make for a beautiful presentation.  Use green napkins, decorated with toothpicks and even leaf cut outs as place mats will give the table an outdoor feel. Fruit trays with lots of bananas, oranges, kiwi and grapes are also a great safari themed food. Paper food signs, brown wrapped food stands and tropical food dish names are an additional fun touch.  Serve the food in wood, wicker or rustic platters. To play with heights, overturn tree-like vases and top with your platters.  Make a silly safari snake submarine sandwich.  Shape the bread dough to curve or use a standard long submarine sandwich bun and cut it in small sections to form the “S” shape.  A fantastic drink is a tropical punch mixed with either champagne or ginger ale served in mason jars on a jungle inspired desert table tie together the theme as well.

Safari Theme Baby Shower Favors

For party favors, animal print Chinese take-out containers filled with party favors are adorable for the guests to take home.  Fill them with tropical trail mix, animal crackers or candy bars with Jungle theme wrappers.  Or give your guests the potted plants you used as decorations as party favors.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Games

  • Make a new parents “survival guide”. Give each guest a piece of paper and have them write down their best advice for surviving through the first year. They could include tips for getting some sleep, funny stories, or any other words of wisdom they have to share. Put them all in a binder or notebook and give to the parents as a keepsake from all their guests.
  • Scavenger hunt with two or three groups going off on a safari to collect about fifteen different things. You could even hide items (gold coins, small maps or baby items such as pacifiers, etc) around the room within your decorations such as under the leaves of plants or tree’s, under chairs, behind doors, etc.
  • Search online for jungle animal names and their baby counterparts. Type up a list of several adult jungle animal names. Number and leave a blank space beside each animal name for your guests to fill in the appropriate baby names. Print a copy for each baby shower guest. Guests must try to guess the baby name for each jungle animal. For example, next to ‘Lion,’ the guest would write down ‘Cub.’ Check the guests’ lists for accuracy. The guest who guesses the most correct baby jungle animal names wins the game.
  • Purchase a large baby monkey poster, blindfolds and pacifier stickers. Hang the poster on the wall. Blindfold each guest and spin her around several times. Provide the blindfolded guest with a pacifier sticker. The guest must try to stick the pacifier sticker as close as possible to the baby monkey’s mouth. Continue playing until each guest takes a turn. The guest who gets her pacifier sticker the closes to the monkey’s mouth wins the game.
  • This game provides lots of fun for a co-ed baby shower. Purchase or rent a few animal costumes and a baby’s buggy. Set up an obstacle course for the buggy to be pushed through. Have the men and women split into two teams. Time how fast each team can put on the animal costumes and push the baby buggy through the obstacle course. The team that gets through the obstacle course the fastest wins the game.
  • Jungle Charades – cut up some pieces of paper and write the name of a different book, film of TV program on each one. Each must of course have an animal theme like The Jungle Book, Tarzan, King Kong or George of The Jungle. Fold the paper up and place all in a bowl for guests to draw out of and then act out in teams.

Remember, the safari baby shower theme can be elegant and sophisticated yet very playful and child-like at the same time – it is all in the details!  If you are planning a jungle baby shower make the most of a great opportunity to celebrate and get creative.  Your guests will thank you!

Take a walk on the wild side with this fun and vibrant safari baby shower theme.

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