Here are some posts that I enjoyed reading this week.

Have a great weekend!

Back at Square Zero - Skinny Spinach Dip

  • This post appealed to my stomach. I love spinach dip so I will be trying this soon!!

Tell Another Mother - No one tells you being a mom will be this hard

  • This is a great post for all mom's and dad's, don't fake it, be honest with each other and admit there are good days and bad days and that's ok!!

One Tough Mother - How to simplify meal planning

  • I like this post because it gives some quick simple ideas to prep for the week on Sunday to make the week less stressful for lunches

Bess Be Fit - On Self Confidence

  • I like this post because self confidence is something I have always struggled with but has gotten better in the last few years. The more I challenge myself, the more I a proud of myself, the more I gain self confidence.

Still a Dancing Queen - I just want to be alone

  • Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, everyone needs quiet time sometimes. I know I do!

Ali on the Run - What do you desire?

  • I liked this post because she poses the question, if money were no object what would your do? I would go for a long run everyday, hire a cleaning lady, travel with my family, take some cooking classes and go back to school.

Run to the Finish - Not on the dietbet bandwagon

  • I agree with this post, diets are not bad, however focusing on healthy eating and exercise is the best most basic diet around. Bets to lose weight may be alright for some people but often times people who don't have weight to lost jump on which can be dangerous. I have also never bought into the elimination diets, all things are ok in moderation and your body needs carbs, healthy fats, etc.

Calm, Healthy, Sexy - Step outside your comfort zone

  • I liked this post because it speaks to exactly what I am trying to do in 2013

Run Wiki - A letter of apology to my body

  • This is a great blog about how we treat our bodies so poorly at times. This has inspired my Monday post-stay tuned

Love Life Surf - Unplugging from technology for a day

  • Great post about leaving technology and social media behind for a day. I think I am going to do this once a week.

Enjoying the Course - I'm so proud

  • This is a great post. She made a list of what she is most proud of, so important, I copied her idea and made a list too

Tell another Mom - When did we lose our compassion?

  • Love this post. Reminds us not to judge what we see a parent doing in a store but maybe offer to help or remember we have all been there.

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