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The screentime rules in our household are well known. My son knows them and tries to push the boundaries of them, but he follows them. Not a weekend has passed without him requesting that he use his screentime earlier in the day or that he gets more of it. Sometimes we let him know we are making an exception to the rules and give him what he is asking for, but usually the rule is the rule.

And I count myself lucky that we've started technology rules in our household while he is at an early age, because I couldn't imagine trying to introduce them later on. I feel like it is an easier task to establish the rules now and reassess them as he gets older.

I once thought that I would need to reassess the rules once a year and should write a reminder in my calendar, but it turns out I already have a reminder. My son has taken up the job of constant reminder of the rules and how they should change. Part of his ongoing negotiations for more screentime include his arguments of "now that he is older" or "now that school is almost over" or "now that he has a new game." Alas, Mommy is strong, and the rules remain.

I remind my son that we will reassess rules as he grows up, but not on the spur of the moment. So, I like reading about the rules for screentime that other parents use, as well as the ways to help assess screen use as children grow up. Because the truth is that every family is different, and we are all figuring out the "right" amount of screentime for our families as we go.

In the moments when he feels that the technology rules are unfair, my son likes to tell me that when he gets older, he will get to use his devices as much as he wants. I kiss him on top of his head when he says this and agree with him. I also hope that when he is older he decides to send me a message through them and tell me how he is doing.

How often do you re-assess the technology rules in your family? Share your guidelines in the comments.

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