Secrets to help you keep the kitchen clean and well-organized

Keeping your kitchen both clean and organized at all times seems like mission impossible sometimes, the reason why some tips might help you out facing these tasks. The kitchen is the place where you spend most of your time, considering that putting together a meal and serving it is part of a family’s routine. As a mom, things get even more complicated. Cooking while your kids are around can get very difficult because the little ones are used to making a mess, especially when it comes to playing with food ingredients. Your cooking efforts will always be doubled by the unpleasant requirement to clean afterward. Getting used to putting everything you used back where it belongs can take a while, given the fact that you probably prefer being more comfortable and hiding each thing in one kitchen drawer. The downside of this comfortable behavior is that the next time you need to find these items, you won’t remember where you placed it. Thus, it will take more time to finish what you started, and you will end up being even more tired than you were before.

This article is meant to give you some pieces of advice that can help you out with properly organizing and cleaning your kitchen each time so that it is forever ready for completing another task. It may be difficult to get used to this routine, but the outcome will surely be worth it. Give these changes a try and see how things go once you finished:


For organization…

The first step you should consider refers to how you use your entire kitchen. This requires separating each zone of your kitchen in a specific-based one. You can start by selecting where your cookware zone is. This side of your kitchen is purposed for the actual cooking process. Given this reason, you should keep all of your pots and pans close to this zone, so you can easily grab one the moment you need it. Next, choose a space for storage. Depositing all of the items you don’t use very often in one single place can make a huge difference between a disorganized kitchen and a well-organized one. Why? Well, each time you look for an object you stumble upon the ones you never use. How about placing all the items you don’t use in one single place, so you can easily reach things that are actually useful to you?

Now that you have the storage and the cookware zone ready, you can continue by establishing your dish zone.  Think logical – you’ll have to wash every single dish you use immediately after you are done with it. The easiest way to do so is by placing this zone next to the cookware one and making sure that it contains the dishwasher. Also, set up this part of your kitchen as close as possible to your dining table. This way, you can discard the table and place the dishes in the dishwasher quickly.

The last zone is the seasoning one. What’s a kitchen without all the spices, cooking oils and other ingredients? Unless you own a spacious pantry, you’ll have to find a way to arrange all these items. Try to keep in mind that you use some of them daily, while others are not that important for each meal you cook. Place them in order of most used to least. You will grab them easier this way. Besides everything else, call a pest control company to make sure no uninvited guests are wandering around.

Keep all of your pots and pans organized by smartly placing them into cabinets. The same goes for dishes and serving ware. The easier you reach the ones you use most, the better organized your kitchen is. Make good use of your cabinet doors, which can be space savers.

For cleaning…  

When it comes to cleaning, things get a little bit more complicated. First of all, think about all the tools you need – a vacuum cleaner, all-purpose cleaning products, storage boxes, cleaning cloths, sponges, mops, and brooms. Once you gathered all your supplies, do the dishes (after each meal, preferably), remove the clutter, clean aprons and curtains and start focusing on the rest.

Start by putting all the items in the drawers, cabinets, and pantries away. This will help you organize them later considering all the steps mentioned above. Wipe all the surfaces in the kitchen inside and out and start grouping all of your items back in.

Once you’ve dealt with all the drawers and cabinets, focus your attention on the countertops. Remove everything and start wiping down the counters, utensil jars, coffee maker, microwave, toaster or any other appliance that may be resting here. Sort and store whatever doesn’t belong on the countertop. Next, clean the sink’s drains and the dishwasher. Sort all the brushes and sponges. Don’t forget to empty the food trap and use a high-heat sanitizing product. Notice if there are any worrying pest signs and in case they exist, look for pest control in Forest Gate. Insects and other pests are definitely not welcome in your kitchen. Think about your health first.

As for the fridge, defrost it and get all the food out. If anything is inedible or too old, throw it away. Wash all the shelves and trays in the fridge and wipe down the exterior. Fridge coils are sensitive to water, so you should vacuum them down to avoid any issues. Clean the oven from the inside and you’re all set. Occasionally, wipe the furniture and wash the windows. If there are any spots on the floor, scrub them thoroughly and mop up afterward.

The issue is not cleaning, but the fact that you need to maintain everything clean at all times. You will notice that it all becomes a routine. Your kitchen can remain squeaky clean and organized as long as you do everything mentioned here.

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