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Secrets to Lose Post Pregnancy Weight without Dieting!

Family and friends were dying to know what my diet was to be able to lose all my baby weight within 6 months.  First off, IT WAS NOT A DIET!  It was a simple combination of yoga and most importantly, healthy eating habits that have always been part of my life before, during, and after my pregnancy.  In our family, eating healthy is so habitual that it’s like brushing your teeth.  People usually associate eating healthy with high priced organic items.  Well, if you don’t know where to shop it can get expensive.  Stick with me, in a later post I will show you the best bargain places to shop for organic products!  As a family, we try to eat a balanced meal three times a day with healthy snacks in between.  Our typical diet includes a variety of vegetables and fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and almond milk instead of dairy (except for our boys). 

Fruits and Vegetables

My Mama was always right when she told me to eat my veggies and fruits. They are high in fiber, which is important for weight control, as well as lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.  It is also rich in anti-oxidants, which is great for your skin, prevent diseases and boost your immune system.  I was never a fruit/veggie person before but thanks to my husband J I have seamlessly transitioned healthy eating habits into my lifestyle.

Whole Grains

My husband grew up with pasta and I grew up with rice…yes, it’s a deadly carbohydrate combo.    Trust me…changing your eating habit from white to whole grains was a battle in itself.  Now we can’t even tell the difference in terms of taste.  Whole grains are high in fiber, which stabilizes blood sugar and controls weight.  It is also a good source of protein, rich in B-vitamins, and antioxidants, and rich in complex carbohydrates, which can sustain your energy. It took a while for us to conform but we are now considered the whole grain conformist.  Our day to day whole grains diet includes whole grain organic pasta, whole grain brown rice, high fiber cereals, quinoa, barley, and oats.  Take a look at a few of our items!


Our family eat a variety of lean protein.  Protein stabilizes blood sugars, maintains and builds muscle mass, and an excellent source of iron and B-vitamins.  When most people think of protein they think of chicken, pork, or beef, and we all know the health hazards of eating red meat.  What most people don’t know is that there are other healthier sources of protein.  We eat a lot of fish (wild only), organic beans, and organic tofu. 


As an Asian American, dairy was never part of our diet.  But as a woman over 40, calcium is a must.  The challenge is trying to find a great calcium source that does not include fatty dairy products.  People end up taking calcium supplements which the body can only absorb a small percentage.  What I found really helpful is Almond Milk.  To me almond milk was an acquired taste.  But after a couple weeks, I cannot have my morning coffee without it J  Take a look at the nutritional chart…Enough said!

As mentioned before, healthy eating habits have always been part of my life before, during, and after my pregnancy.  I gained 35 lbs. during my pregnancy.  Within 6 months after my pregnancy, I lost 33 lbs.  It was effortless simply because of the healthy eating habits that were already part of my lifestyle.  My grandmother has followed a similar healthy eating plan (with the exception of dairy and whole grains intake) for the past 106 years.  She is still living and breathing and had never been hospitalized for anything.  For those of you who remember the show The Facts of Life… ”Keep in the good, take out the bad, embrace good habits and then you’ll have a healthy life, a healthy life…”  :)

Please visit us at for more tips on how to lose weight, tone your body, eat healthy naturally without paying top $$!

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