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Take a break from time to time and spend some time on your self. Make time for your most enjoyable rituals. Taking the time to do things you love will help revitalize you and allow you more resources to give and share with others. Nurturing yourself, in balance, will recharge you and allow more presence. One my most treasured daily moments is to connect with Source; it refills my well of energy within.

"When you love who you are, there is no thing unconquerable, no thing unreachable.

When you truly love yourself, you live in the light of your own laughter and travel the path of joy.

When you are in love with yourself, then that light ... extends itself to all humanity."~Ramtha

Ideally I spend at least one hour each day retreating into this space and developing my self. This time can often be shared with children or special partners who can work on their selves simultaneously.

Self Love Rituals:

o music/drums/dance/sing – Having sound in the room helps to create the environment. Often times sound can walk you through a feeling or experience. Feel the energy of the music washing over you. Shamanic drums help to ground and clear out old patterns. Dancing for ten minutes or more is a great way to shake off stale energy, liven yourself up, and burn some calories. It’s very fun to do with kids too. I feel happiest when music is playing all day long. It creates a different feeling for the day. I often sing loud at work with the lyrics. I find that involving as many senses as possible naturally facilitates your grandest presence: sound/music, smell/incense, and sight/candles all naturally connect me.

o envision your highest self – Expand your vision of your highest self and explore it. Expand limitations to discover new worlds. Keep this vision in focus daily to help make it reality. Rather than wallow in what is wrong, look at the opportunity and develop your highest vision of your self.

o walk/bike/be in nature/garden – Get out and soak it in. Calm and connect. Walking is great for your body and your mind. While you are out it is easier to feel present as you look at the details around you such as leaves on the trees. Tend to your garden or visit someone else's.

o exercise/yoga – Perform some type of body exercise and movement that will warm up the body and move it around, whatever you prefer. I rotate running and yoga rites that get all of your chakras spinning at equal rates, warm up the body beautifully, and can be done in as little as five minutes.

o pause: breathe/meditate – Take a moment 'out of time' and follow your breath or meditate, as you prefer. Feel timeless for a moment.

o have fun/play – Break for some fun and play! Allow the child within to have some old fashioned fun. Think back to what used to be your greatest past-times and get out and try them again. Make them even better. Truly having fun involves not being attached to any outcome.

o be free (do what you want for 1/2 hour+) - This means that you've spent a half hour or more doing what you want to do in that moment. This can be reading a magazine, napping, or doing something else already listed, whatever and however you prefer.

o read/write/draw/art – Read a book or article, write about your experience, draw, or create art. Express your creativity and your experience.

o water/vitamins – A reminder to drink a full 8 glasses of water or more – each day, all day - and take vitamins. It is ideal to drink 1 room temperature glass of water first thing in the morning and allow it to clean you out for 1/2 hour before ingesting anything else. Water flushes your system and cleans it. To make it a little more fun, you can drink teas, 100% juice, etc.

o nourish body/cook – Feed your body healthy, nourishing food for its ultimate creation. Prepare homemade food with natural ingredients or make sure what you eat is nourishing and providing the energy your body needs to be creative and productive. Remember fruits and vegetables! I recommend Dr. Andrew Weil's 8 Weeks to Optimum Health for everyone interested in feeling better (consult your doctor first).

o clean/organize space – Clean up after your self and organize your space in a way that is most beneficial and meaningful for you. Keeping your space clean assists you in feeling clear and energetic. Through decoration with items that remind you of experiences and lessons, your space can take on whole new meanings and become very functional. Organizing your space in a new way creates a fun freshness. This facilitates a higher level of creativity.

o water plants/care for pets – Take care of the gentle life outside of you that gives us air to breathe and keeps us happy. Talk to and feed this life consistently and share quality time. Great pleasure can be found in caring for another’s growth. Take time to care for life that is dependent. Nurture it, giving and receiving energy.

o soothing bath/relax – Take a soothing bath and/or relax. Step into your inner stillness for a moment. I prefer to take a nice soothing hot bath at least twice a week, but always aim for at least one great bath each week. Sometimes during the day, sometimes at night before bed. A hot bath with baking soda is the best way I have found to unwind and clear off happenings of my day; it is an INjoyable way to cleanse and relax. I treat myself to a salt scrub and then shave, leaving me smooth and feeling very sensual. On special occasions, I add rose petals, bath salts, lemon, and/or oils while playing music, lighting candles, and incense. As I clear these energies off me, I usually find that I realize things here and most clearly commune. Sometimes I read in the bath (this requires skill).

“The secret answer to all of life's questions

is pouring a box of baking soda in your bath water and listening.”

~Danielle Marie Crume

Take twelve breaths slowly while in the bath. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. As you take each breath in, breathe in newness and that which you desire. As you exhale, breathe out that which is no longer serving your highest good. This is a great time to pray for friends.

o lotion: face/body/eye cream – Moisturize, indulge, and protect your skin. Wear SPF 15 face lotion and apply eye cream twice a day (yes, you boys too). Apply lotion to your full body at least twice a week. As you care for your skin, you will feel healthier and look better. Spoil yourself in this way and make this a priority. Enjoy the sensuality of putting your lotion on.

o candles/incense – When candles and incense are lit, they have an effect on the whole room. They set the atmosphere and create a vibration that awakens and reminds. Frankincense has a very sacred meaning in religious history. As you light a candle, you can set a specific energy or meaning to it, making it even more powerful. For example, you can intend to feel creative while working on your music. Both of these help to create the essence of your environment.

Remember to take breaks from your computer or whatever you may do in one place for a long time. Get up and stretch, walk away, get water, or go hug someone; anything to break from your usual routine. Then you can return refreshed and with a centered mind. Please note that most states include a mandatory break period during work in addition to your minimal 1/2 hour lunch break. For example, California requires that each employee be given 2 ten-minute breaks in addition. I used one of these breaks every day to write in my WholeBook, make calls, and align my day with those I creatively work with. Sometimes I'd get outside and take a walk around the flowers in the parking lot. I took the second break to apply my face lotion, brush my teeth, and stretch.

I suggest everyone make little pockets of time like this for themselves. Don’t be too caught up in the overwhelming speediness of things that you never prioritize you and never take care of yourself!

Danielle Marie Crume

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Comment by purpleorchid22 on August 17, 2009 at 10:15am
You give great advice on taking care of ourselves. I need to do more for myself and I will be taking some of your ideas. I do I agree with you that sometimes we do forget how God has truely blessed us and blow things out of proportion. Thanks for the advice!

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