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Serene Sunday - Inspiration - What You Can Do With It

Serene Sunday - getting inspiration can bring you serenity.

Inspiration is often defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do something or to feel something. Inspiration is often thought of in relation to something creative. When I think of inspiration, I think of something that gives a little push to someone to get them to take a leap.


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Whenever I hear the Celine Dion's Because You Loved Me I am moved to tears because I think of my husband and all the goals he has inspired me to reach. I am filled with joy and appreciation, because the inspiration, the process of Darren convincing me that I could do things that others thought were impossible helped me accomplish so many things.

As I said in my article about encouragement, I am a bread and butter girl, so I believe in spreading inspiration around liberally. One of my greatest joys as a mother, heck as a human being came when my little twin accomplished a hard task and said, "Mommy, you gave me wings so I can fly. I can do anything because you believe in me." Here are some of the things that inspiration has helped me to accomplish:

* work my way through undergrad
* finish law school and pass the bar
* breast feed four children including twins
* start my own business from the ground up with no clients and move forward
* start and grow a blog that is regularly featured in a variety of respected websites
* stay happily married for 22 years

Here is a secret about inspiration, you can inspire with words unintentionally. Be careful with your words. You can inspire people to do things, good and bad, with your words alone, without realizing it. I often say to myself, "Please make my words soft and sweet because tomorrow I may have to eat them." This is a way of reminding myself that my harsh words may cause hurt to another and you reap what you sow. I would like a good and wonderful harvest. I  am not always successful, but I will be successful. Seek to inspire and encourage others so that you can reap fields of inspiration and encouragement.

When you have inspiration you can soar to great heights and accomplish things beyond imagining. With inspiration, you can go from being a poor little girl from a broken home to a happily married woman with children of her own and a thriving business empire. It is inspiration that moves you from thinking about going back to school to walking across the stage and accepting your diploma. Inspiration is what keeps you working your way through college at a fast food restaurant until you complete your MBA studies. It is inspiration that helps you to create a beautiful, loving and comfortable home for your family when you are a stay at home mom.

Inspiration is your eyes when you cannot see and your voice when you cannot speak. Inspiration is the wings that help you soar. So, the question for you this serene Sunday is, what have you been inspired to do?

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