Today, alone, the news included 3 headlines that got my attention. The unprecedented flooding in Australia, the 10 yr old boy charged with murdering his mommy & the 3000+ birds that dropped dead in Arkansas. I heard this stuff & was like, "Whaaaaaat???" Now one genre I don't read much of is "end-times." I've educated myself a lil ('cause it's biblical, so it's important) but I'm far from well-versed. Yet when I hear things like "3000 birds fall dead from the sky," I really begin to wonder if we aren't nearing the beginning of the end? Today's news did 2 things: got me thankful for one thing & inspired for another. I am thankful--that if the end's a comin'--I know where I'm going. And I am inspired--now more than ever--to help as many as I can know where they're going too.

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