Sex and the City 2: The Charlotte Syndrome

I recently watched a screening of "Sex and the City 2." Yes, the clothes were over the top. Yes, the indulgence was completely ridiculous. Yes, most of the movie was a fantabulously fantastic, overexcessive, and overabundant in richness---and we true SATC fans absolutely adored each moment of it!

I do applaud the introduction of the storyline involving the complexity of motherhood. In one of the film's truest moments, Charlotte and Miranda share of moment with cocktails, evening gowns, and mommy breakdowns. I don't want to spoil it for you, but all of the busy moms in the audience could completely relate to these statements (paraphrased, of course!) :


1. I love my son, but sometimes, being a mother is not enough.

2. It's hard to work full time and be a good mom.


1. All I ever wanted was a family, but now that I have it, I sometimes can't handle it.

2. I don't know how mothers do it without full time help. Even with a nanny, it's hard to do it all.

3. I would rather lose my husband than my nanny. (one of the funniest moments of the movie!)

Miranda was able to coax these revelations from Charlotte with the help of some alcohol. Otherwise, she would have kept it all bottled in and suffered silently.

These sentiments resonate with me deeply--I now dub it "The Charlotte Syndrome"---doing your best to be a great mother while not breaking down, but keeping your feelings all to yourself--where they lead to episodes of stress breakdowns and crying fits. We all, at times, fall prey to "The CharlotteSyndrome"---trying to do it all, even with full time help, and feeling guilty when we aren't perfect. To compound all of this, we keep everything to ourselves. Like it's a dirty lttle mommy secret...

As moms, we need to talk to each other more. We are not alone in this. It is a relief to know that other moms are going through some of the same things, have the same challenges, and share the same difficulties....even with full time help. Let's not be victims of the "The Charlotte Syndrome." Use it as an excuse to get a cocktail and hang out with your other mommy friends...and let it all out!

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Comment by Sommer Jones on May 29, 2010 at 3:09am
Now I am even more excited to watch this next week!!!!

Excellent post by the way.




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