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Sharing On Social Media Made Easy For Moms

Being a mom blogger you are creating valuable content to share with other moms or anyone interested in your topics. But however good your content is, you always need to promote every piece of your content as much as possible to ensure a consistent stream of readers on your blog. This means to create as many touch-points as possible to share your content with your target audience. Joining the mom bloggers community is one way to share your content with your fellow bloggers. Sharing your content across multiple social networks can be a great way to get more outreach for your posts. But do you already use the full potential of social media? Do you re-share your blog posts regularly, specifically your evergreen content? These are just some of the questions you will have to ask yourself before emerging into the vast world of sharing and visibility online. Social media is more than just Facebook and Twitter. There are many more networks to discover for sharing, syndicating and re-purposing your content and your images. This is the reason why you definitely want to learn more about this topic and discover the endless possibilities you have in this field.


Sharing content on multiple social communities is a must simply because you want to reach the target audience you desire and that wouldn’t be possible if you limit yourself to one single social network. Each social media platform has certain requirements that you will need to respect on posting on them. Cross-promoting means you should create original content to fit each and every social media platform template you encounter. Yet, fulfilling such task surely cannot be done without encountering some obstacles in the way. There are different types of networks, communities and options that can represent a reason to stress yourself out. Manual sharing on each and every social network available out there is basically impossible for a mom that has to handle other tasks in the main time.


Given the fact that this task takes so much time to complete manually, the best way to do it is by using a plugin that is able to automate every process and will help you schedule your content properly for each and every social media platform individually. One of these plugins is Blog2Social and you can learn more about it and the benefits it has if you continue reading.


Boosting website engagement

When thinking about methods to boost your website engagement, the best thing you can possibly do is sharing personalized content with users. Everyone knows that it can be quite tiring to do that yourself, especially when you have kids wandering around your house. This is the reason why using a plugin such as Blog2Social can come in very handy. Firstly, you will save lots of time by auto-posting. The plugin is really useful in terms of auto-posting because everything you will have to do is enter the platform, choose the social networks you want to reach and the plugin will automatically put your content in the right kind of format for each of them individually. You can either post on all the social media platforms you are connected to or you can choose to post only on some custom ones.


Custom sharing is used to increase visibility on a certain social media platform. You may be wondering why custom sharing is efficient and the answer is simple: matching your content with the social media platform that it is going to be published on is visually pleasing for the users and it denotes a certain level of professionalism. Thus, the engagement on your website will start exponentially grow. With the Blog2Social custom sharing feature you can edit whatever detail you might like: comments, hash tags, handles etc.


Scheduling posts for specific social media platforms

Auto-posting comes with another premium feature that can be extremely useful to your website. Custom scheduling means that you can choose the appropriate time for your content to be published on individual social media platforms. Users know that there is a certain time when the online activity is at its peak and the maximum engaging appears. This is the reason why scheduling posts is the best option you can choose regarding automation. Blog2Social comes with an intuitive, user-friendly Drag & Drop calendar which can help you define and save the appropriate time scheme for your posts.


If you are wondering what kind of social media platforms are suitable for Blog2Social the answer is: all of them. You can flexibly choose between any social networks you desire and your content will be matched to the respective template. Doing this will allow you to easily manage your target audience without any mistakes. Plus, Blog2Social has a premium feature that lets you add multiple accounts so you don’t have to worry about switching between them anymore. If you’d like to know more about these features, visit this website.


Final thoughts

Even though you might not have extremely vast knowledge in the field of social media and everything it means, you can definitely take your online activity a step further. All you need to do is choose the right automation tool to help you out with the process itself and with handling content. When your job is being a woman in a community and – even more – a mother, it can be overwhelming to face all the difficulties that show in your path, but you need to know that with the right kind of help you can definitely handle whatever problem may eventually appear. If you like to write, you want to help, you feel like you’ve rediscovered yourself as a person and you simply desire to feel more relaxed and take a little pride into it, then make yourself comfortable and start learning about how to make yourself heard. You will not regret it later on when thousands of people will read your stories and pieces of advice!


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