Recently I was privileged to be invited to participate in a round-table discussion with a handful of experts in the field medicine and 4 other bloggers who blog about their life as shift-workers.  It was a great discussion and I continue to receive valuable information from them - information that I plan to pass on to my readers.  But before I do, I would like to invite my shift-work readers to participate in a survey that I have put together. 

You can send your answers to: jukic . zr @ gmail . com



What kind of shift work did you work?  Rotating 2-shift, Rotating 3-shift, Graveyard, Swing


If you worked rotating shifts, how often did your shifts rotate?


How long were you a shift worker?


Did you experience one of the following: Insomnia / Hypersomnia (inability to get enough sleep)


Do you feel that shift work had a negative effect on:


1. Your life overall?

2. Your family life?

3. Your social life?


If yes, in what way? (please explain):


While being a shift-worker, did you have trouble staying alert, concentrating, remembering things and/or making decisions?


Did you ever experience longer reaction times?


Was your work productivity impacted as a direct result of shift-work?  In what way?  


Did you have trouble staying awake at work?


Did you ever catch yourself falling asleep at the wheel? Meetings? In social situations?  Other?


Please circle as many of the following items you experienced:



increased Stress


muscle pain (due to tension)

chest pain

high blood pressure


stomach problems


sleep disorders

digestive problems

increased allergies

dermatological problems

weight issues (both loss or gain, depending)


hair loss

emotional problems (irritability, depression, social withdrawal, anger, moodiness, inability to focus, anxiety, etc)

Cancer (what kind):

Gastrointestinal problems


Digestive problems (heartburn, indigestion)

Heart problems (heart attacks, hypertension)

High blood pressure



Peptic ulcers






Mood disorders (depression, anxiety)

Fertility issues





Did you ever find ways to combat any of the above issues faced?  (ie. exercise, Christian meditation, healthy eating, etc)


Do you have any advise for other shift-workers?  


Is there anything else you'd like to share?





Thank you for sharing...

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