*Today's guest post is brought to you by Dr. F. Dean Hackett, also known as my dad.*  

This is a repost from last Christmas, but I thought it was so good, that it should be posted again.

"Christmas should not be celebrated by Believers because it is pagan."


The declaration of Christmas being a pagan holiday is based upon arguments that are old and worn out. These arguments are rooted in anti-Roman Catholic sentiment more than good biblical and historical fact and research. The arguments against celebrating Christmas invariably trace back to the writing and teaching of Puritans who were in a heated struggle against the Church of England and the power struggle of the Reformation.

(Photo by Fracesco Marino)

While it is true that Roman Catholicism paganized much of the Christian worship and teaching, they certainly did not paganize all of Christianity. The foundational truths of the Christian faith have been restored. We certainly would not declare communion or water baptism to be pagan, because they had been distorted by the Roman Catholic Church. Rather, we restored those most important ordinances of the Church back to their biblical truth and practice. Is it accurate to say the celebration of the Birth of Christ is rooted in paganism, therefore, it is inappropriate, even sinful, to celebrate Christmas?

The correct answer to that question is discovered in biblical and historical research that goes further back than the writings and teachings of the Puritans. The study must go back further than the 4th century AD when Pope Julius I declared December 25th to be the day for celebrating Christmas. The student must go to the time of Christ, Himself and to the prophets and Jewish writers before Him. 

To be continued...

Dr. F Dean Hackett is the Sr Pastor of Living Faith Church in Hermiston, OR.  He has been in full-time ministry for over 30 years, during which time he has both successfully pastored many churches as well as planted many others. But most importantly, he is my dad and is a frequent guest here on my blog.

Thank you for sharing...

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