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Do you remember that frighteningly titled infographic “Sitting Will Kill You”? That was almost a year ago and it scared the daylight out of me. I won’t get into to the details (there’s that fine infographic for that) but essentially, the news is that we have all become way too sedentary for our own good, so much so that not even the recommended 30 minutes of exercise per day can fix the damage…

Coincidentally – not! – last year, just as this news came out, I realized that I had become allergic to my office chair. I’m not kidding. From too many years of sitting, I guess. The foam inside the chair would cause a burning sensation to the point that I just couldn’t sit anymore. I then bought a mesh-bottom chair and switched between that and an exercise ball “chair”. The ball took some getting used to and all improved for a bit. But within the last 3 to 4 months, sitting has become intolerable again. This time, it’s just overall pain in the back of my legs, which just don’t want to be in that position anymore.

Since I cannot change the fact that I need to be at my computer several hours a day, I decided to change my work conditions. By that, I mean my desk. I need to be standing at my desk, not sitting. A great side benefit (you know, besides lowering your risk for obesity, heart disease and diabetes) is that standing burns about 50 more calories per hour (source). Woohoo.

So, as I was looking at the various solutions for myself, I thought that I’d bring you the results of my research:

  IKEA Fredrik Desk – Since my existing office furniture comes from IKEA, this is where I looked first. They have the Fredrik desk which can be adjusted to a standing height. It’s $149, so it’s an affordable option.
  GeekDesk®Though more expensive, I really like that this company’s desks are adjustable and could easily convert from sitting to standing heights and back down again with the help of an electric motor. They have a programmable version and different sizes. Prices vary from $749 to $985.
  Stand-Up Station – I found this one on Amazon. There are lots of versions of this type of desk with prices ranging from about $150 to over $450. It doesn’t offer quite as much desktop space, but might be good to establish the routine of standing at the station when using the computer and sitting at the desk for other work.
  Ergo Desktop – I work on my laptop, so this option wouldn’t work for me, but I really like the fact that this line of Kangaroo desktops make it so easy to go from sitting to standing position, all at the same desk. Prices start at $259.
  DIY Stand Up Desk – Brandon Keepers built his own stand up desk when he could find what he wanted in stores. And he got it done for $40. Here’s how he did it.

There are actually quite a few choices for standing desks, but most are very expensive, too industrial or just plain impractical. So, of course, I didn’t make mention of these options I wouldn’t consider. Neither am I making mention of the treadmill desk or of the stationary bicycle desk. Really? Am I the only one who can’t imagine getting an iota of work done one these? Standing will be distraction enough thankyouverymuch.

Read more: http://www.thesucculentwife.com/sitting-not-so-good-for-you/#ixzz1q...

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