No workout yet this morning. Slept in this morning, so I am going to get the boys off to school, do a little cleaning and then get in my 6 mile training run.

I decided to sleep in this morning because I had a 9:30 soccer game which doesn't put me home until 11. By the time I wind down and get to bed it's close to midnight so a 5 am wake up call is not a good idea for my body.

I have been playing soccer in a 30 and over women's league for over a year now and I really enjoy it. It is a fun and different way to workout. There are no practices, you just show up on Monday night and play.

Here is the funny part about this league, again it's for women 30 and over and the team with the best record at the end of the session gets....wait for it.....a long sleeve t-shirt that says their team name and league champs.

My team is great, the women on it are great and we come and play soccer. We are not the best team out there and that is alright with us because we are just looking to play soccer, get some exercise and have fun. Now don't get me wrong I am competitive and like to win games. However I am not going to risk injury, in my 30 and over soccer league, to win.

There are teams in this league, however, who are very serious about winning that t-shirt and play rough and I just don't understand. There are times when I have to play in goal and I am not the best goalie but everyone has to take a turn. I have a goalie contract (self created) to protect myself from injury because there are players who even if you state as the goalie, "I got it", will still charge you to try to kick the ball into the goal. I understand it is a game and everyone wants to win however is it necessary to risk kicking me in the face to get a goal.

If I am on offense and am running hard toward the goal to score and the goalie says "I got", I back off. And to be honest, there are certain players who I know will plow me over to get at the ball or get past me so I move because again it is not worth it for me to break a bone or twist an ankle to win a long sleeve t-shirt.

Is this the right attitude to have? I am not sure. I am sure that no matter how hard I play or how rough I am, there are no talent scouts recruiting me to play in the pro's. I am just there to get a workout and play soccer.

I am sadly taking next session off because with half marathon training and Best Body Bootcamp and my love of morning workouts it is just too much on my body right now but I'll be back.

Question of the day

The moment that brought me here

The moment that brought me to my 2013 goals of change and pushing myself outside of my box.
That moment was last spring, summer and my half marathon in August. There have been many times in my life that I set my sites on a goal and reached it, I think that is true for all of us.
My half marathon though was completely different for me. I had never run over 6 miles, truly I had labored through 8 but looking back at that particular run, if I'm being honest, by the end I was just fast walking. I liked running and thought it would be cool to run a half marathon one day. But I didn't think I could do it. Running for 2 hours seemed tough, impossible, and kinda crazy.
Then last spring I saw the Serious Series Trail race challenge through a local running store. It was three races a 5 mile in May, a 10K in June and a half marathon in August (now I could have chosen different distances for each race but these are what I settled on). I decided to make the commitment, pay for the race, because I knew if I did I wouldn't back out.
So I started training and with each long run, I felt better. I actually fell in love with my long runs (granted at times in the middle I would say to myself, why are you doing this again??) but at the end of each one I felt great and proud of myself, which gave me a new sense of confidence.
I completed the first 2 races and then had a little over a month to wait and continue training for the trail half marathon. Two days before my half marathon, I injured myself. It was raining in the house and I was going to shut the door wall and didn't notice water all over the floor. Well I hit the wet spot and was air born and landed hard on my lower back and tailbone. I couldn't move and spent 2 days icing my behind and feeling frustrated that after training and working so hard I may be in too much pain to run.
The day of the race came, I sat on ice the entire hour drive to the trails and took some Advil and set out. By mile 8 my lower back and tailbone were hurting but I kept pushing on and finished.
I felt amazing when I finished and was so extremely proud of myself for setting my sites on this lofty goal and completing it, in the time that I wanted. The icing on the cake was when I saw that I was second in my age bracket (which earned me a coffee mug)!!

So that is the moment that brought me here, the moment that made me see that I can climb out of my box sometimes and it feels great. I can push myself and try new things, granted they are not all going to workout but taking the risk is worth it.


What is the moment that brought you here?

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