As many know, I made a personal commitment to dig back into my personal blog in 2012 and I’m proud to say that, in my opinion, I’ve done a great job.

What many of you may not know is that in my 9-5 life, I own a company thatspecializes in digital and social media marketing. Sometimes it’s really hard to not let that 9-5 world cross into this world and critique the bloggers that I come across. But, I’ve noticed a few things that make me cringe and I thought it would be fitting to let my 9-5 world cross into my personal world in order to offer a few pointers.

Many of you know these things but there are enough that I’ve come across that don’t, and I think it’s prudent to point a few things out and offer a little “pick my brain” session TODAY ONLY (that was said in the deep, booming, infomercial voice).

Social Media Buttons: Your site needs to have these and they need to be prominent. At the very least you need to have Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and an RSS feed. Anything else is an added bonus.  The more you have out there, the better your SEO rankings are going to be. The links also need to be correct. I’ve come across way too many blogs that I want to follow via RSS and the links were bad. You have one shot usually to get someone to subscribe or follow. Don’t blow it on bad links.

Twitter: If you’re not on it, GET ON IT. I tell my clients that there is about a 6 week learning curve on Twitter. Once you get the hang of it, you will find it your #1 way to push people to your site. Twitter is to links as Facebook is to photos. Follow people back. There is no bigger turn off than going to someone’s Twitter profile and finding they don’t follow back. I’m not saying follow everyone back but take a moment to see who the person is. Unless they are obvious MLM or spammers, I’ll pretty much follow anyone back. I don’t care how big your blog following is – you’re not Ashton Kutcher or Lady GaGa so stop acting like you’re that big. Also, if someone @ replies to you – respond. You wouldn’t ignore me if I walked up to you and spoke to you so why do it on Twitter? Again – you’re not THAT great. If you set up your Twitter account to have an Auto-DM, don’t ask a question like “Do you have a website” because what happens is you’ll get someone who responds to you. And if you’re not following them back, it won’t go through and you’ll look like a schmuck.

Facebook:  Set up a page for your blog. You’ll get people who will want to connect with you and you probably don’t want them ALL to follow your personal page. If you have your blog set up on Networked Blogs, you can configure it so that it will auto-post your most recent posts. Every now and then, cruise through Facebook AS your page. Comment on other Facebook pages so it helps your page show up on more feeds.  Ask people to subscribe to your page..this way they never miss your updates!

RSS Feeds: I haven’t run into many that don’t have an RSS feed set up for their blogs but what I have run into are blogs that have bad feed links. Make sure it’s set up right so people can easily follow your blog. For me, I like to read my blogs on my iPad via Flipboard. My happy reading experience is dependent upon proper RSS feeds.

Blog Comments: It blows my mind that I would have to mention this but, if someone comments on your blog post you need to respond back to them! I have made numerous comments on blog posts that went without response or some form of recognition. The entire reason any of us are blogging in the first place is to grow our readership. Guess what? The quickest way to NOT grow your audience is to ignore those that are taking the time to actually comment. This is what you strive for — don’t ignore those who stop by “your house”.

Did I miss any hot buttons or other mishaps that you’ve come across? Do you have any questions for me as it relates to your blog and using social media? Remember – this is aONE DAY OFFER TO PICK MY BRAIN!!! ;)

Are you raising a teen or a tween? Join the conversation over at Ten to Twenty Parenting!

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