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We were visiting my parents recently in Florida and as grandparents

they felt they neededto spoil the boys a little. I think it's every grandparent's

right anduty to spoil their grandchildren and those that don't shouldn't be
grandparents. As soon as we walked in the door Jackson (my oldest) was
eyeballing up the cookies on the counter, it wasn't 2 minutes until he
asked for one. My mom (knowing how I am with our daily diets) made
zucchini cookies for the boys...which I thought was very sweet of her
to "try" and keep up with our healthier way of living.

The first night we were there after dinner Jackson wanted a cookie and Finn
did too but Finn didn't even TOUCH his dinner so I had to say no to his
cookie, well my dad wasn't too happy with me. He thought I was so mean
to Finn for not letting him have a cookie but I had to stick to my guns
because at home I would of said the same thing, and you know what..he
really didn't make much of a fuss. I told my dad that over the weekend
when I was gone and they would have the boys all to themselves for 2
days that they could spoil them as much as they wanted. They told me
that whey would be taking the boys to McDonalds for breakfast, lunch
and dinner :) with a big laugh!

After the weekend when I returned from my trip I asked my mom if they had
taken the boys to McDonalds and she said "No, I know you wouldn't want
us to so we didn't", but I knew she REALLY wanted to take the boys. As
a treat with their other (6) grandchildren they would take them to
McDonald's and it was a special time just with them so I felt that my
boys and parents were missing out on something. I told my mom that if
they wanted to take the boys then go for it, not a problem.

The day they decided to go my dad had been babysitting the boys for about 4
hours while my mom and I got our hair done so he was in much need of a
break, so I went with my mom and boys. As we were driving there I asked
the boys what they would like and I suggested nuggets since we don't
eat red meat. Finn was all about the nuggets but Jackson was VERY clear
about a cheeseburger. He loves when we have cheese(turkey)burgers and
home and that is what he wanted. I knew if I gave him nuggets or even a
chicken sandwich it would be a HUGE fight and I didn't want to deal
with a fight when my mom was looking forward to a fun time taking her
grandchildren to McDonalds. So I said "yes" to the cheeseburger.

As he bit into the first bite of the burger I was looking for a bad
reaction and so was my mom. We asked him how he liked it and he said,
"this is great"! We all laughed and enjoyed our meals. At the end the
boys got these FREE kiddie cones and were thrilled. Afterward when we
were home my mom asked Jackson what his favorite part was and he said
"The ice cream cone because it was really tasty".

Before my husband and I had kids we decided that when we did we would raise
them as just poultry and fish eaters. We knew that as they got older
they would want to try different types of food and that we couldn't be
with them 247 watching what they put in their mouths. So when Jackson
made it VERY clear he wanted a cheeseburger I said..go for it. It's not
something he is going to get all the time and it was a great time
between my mom, myself and the boys.

As a parent for my boys I want to give them the BEST possible foods
available to them on a daily bases and form good eating habits that
they will take with them throughout their lives, but sometimes you just
have to LET GO!

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