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Like many mom’s out there, I always try to make the cake for my son’s birthday even though I have a crazy schedule already. I’ve always thought that making a cake for your children is better than the store-bought presents that you give them; even though they are sure to remember those the most. This year, I thought I’d try something a little different by putting sparklers on his cake, and it was a huge success.

I’ll start by saying that sparklers in general scare the living daylights out of me. When Thomas was 6, we were using sparklers on the 4th of July before the big fireworks show started at our local amusement park called Valley Fair. I was watching him very closely to make sure he wouldn’t get burned, and he did a very good job paying attention to where the sparkler was and how he handled it. Still, though, a small piece of the burning sparkler flaked off and burned him on the top of his hand. It was at that moment that I realized that sparklers are incredibly dangerous no matter how careful you are. After all, they are the only thing that burns at 2000 degrees that you readily hand to a toddler!

With all that said, Thomas still really loves fireworks and sparklers in particular. Since I’m not too keen on handing him sparklers at his current age, I started looking around for alternatives. I stumbled upon a few Pinterest boards that have sparklers instead of candles on birthday cakes, and that is when I started looking for them myself.

Now, a lot of people just put regular sparklers on their birthday cake, like them, and then slice up the cake after they have finished. In my research, I’ve found that normal sparklers can leave a toxic residue on the frosting which is something I’d like to avoid. Now, I’m not saying eating frosting with a little residue is going to kill anyone, but I try to avoid toxins in my home whenever possible.

Fortunately, I found this website that sells sparklers that offers a genius solution to the problem. I guess you wouldn’t exactly call them sparklers in the traditional sense, they are more of a cylinder with spike on the end to stick them in your birthday cake and the other end shoots out sparks. They almost look like a really big color crayon to give you an idea of what you’re looking for. They are made specifically to be put into cakes, and the way they are designed keeps the sparks away from the frosting so no toxins are present when you slice up the cake.

We still bought one of those birthday candles shaped like the number 8 for the center of his cake, but what all of the kids liked the most were the sparkler tubes. I found them to be a great trade-off versus using real sparklers that you hold in your hand because they are much safer in the cake and away from all of the children. It was a perfect solution with all the fun of sparklers and none of the dangers. If your children are anything like Thomas and love sparklers, using them on top of their birthday cake can be a really great addition to their birthday. Good luck planning your upcoming birthday parties!

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